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Armed forces personnel and veterans

Mesothelioma UK is now providing a specialist armed forces information, advice and support service. This Government-funded initiative will deliver a specialist, UK-wide service for armed forces personnel and veterans who have been affected by mesothelioma. 

The industrial nature of mesothelioma means patients and their carers often have complex benefit and compensation claims to process. The process can be even more complex for armed forces personnel as their benefit and compensation entitlements differ. 

This new service will provide a specialist nurse and a finance and benefits advisor who will deal specifically with armed forces personnel and veterans. It will also raise awareness of the disease and support available specifically for armed forces personnel and veterans. 

A social media group will be made available to provide the latest news and updates on mesothelioma and the armed forces, and to enable people to ask questions and contact others with similar experiences.

Click here to view the latest case study we have from an armed forces personnel with mesothelioma.  

To find out more, please call the free Mesothelioma UK helpline on 0800 169 2409 or email info@mesothelioma.uk.com