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Patient Insights and Experiences - DVD

Patient Experiences DVD cover
Mesothelioma Insights and Experiences DVD
This DVD is funded by Mesothelioma UK, to provide an alternative information source. We hope you find this a useful resource and we would welcome any feedback, which you can email to us on mesothelioma.uk@uhl-tr.nhs.uk  You can access and view the individual sections of this DVD by clicking on the links below: 1. What is Mesothelioma? 2. How is Mesothelioma diagnosed? 3. Getting the diagnosis 4. Telling loved ones 5. Treatment Options 6. What help is out there? 7. How you can help yourself Copies of this DVD are available free to patients, carers, health professionals and healthcare providers.   Cost to all other organisations will be £5.00 per DVD plus £1.00 postage and packaging for up to 6 DVDs. To obtain a copy of this DVD please contact us by:Email:mesothelioma.uk@uhl-tr.nhs.uk orFreephone helpline: 0800 169 2409   Thank you to all the patients relatives and medical professionals who took part in the making of this DVD.