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News 2016

Please email your news or events information to mesothelioma.uk@uhl-tr.nhs.uk  


For general press and media enquiries about Mesothelioma UK, please contact Simon Gribbon on 07584 088353 or email simon@sandstarcomms.com

Picture for the news 2016


Lorraine Creech, Mesothelioma UK CNS Team Leader watched the debate on mesothelioma in the Scottish Parliament

New mesothelioma lung cancer data shows increase in one year survival despite regional variation in treatment

Click here to view the current Winter 2016 Mesothelioma Newsletter

Scottish Parliament debates mesothelioma in Scotland.   

Liz Darlison's story on the national success of Mesothelioma UK

PRESS RELEASE - 13 December 2016 - New research will focus on how patients receive diagnosis of mesothelioma


PRESS RELEASE - 23 Nov 2016 - Government funding awarded to Mesothelioma UK to support Military Personnel and Veterans

PRESS RELEASE - 23 Nov 2016 - Funding agreed for new target treatment of asbestos induced cancer 

Digging deep at Hodge, Jones & Allen Fundraising Event

PRESS RELEASE - 10 Nov 2016 - Mesothelioma UK & Pat Stone Meso Support to offer grant up to £25,000

You can join in the fun 'It's not too late to grow a mo for Meso'.

Scottish Labour Leader Keiza Dugdale "I will take plans to battle asbestos related cancer to parliament"

‘Shop and Raise Funds for Free for Meso’

Are you Shopping for Christmas? then don’t forget to click on the link and join Easy Fundraising where you will find all your favourite shops. Your shopping will raise funds for Meso and doesn’t cost you anything… Shop til you drop in the comfort of your own home or even do a little in your lunch hour, every penny counts…

MacMillan Event -  Living with the emotional impact of cancer on 28 November 2016, Wolverhampton


Karen Lord, Specialist Mesothelioma Nurse appointed in Leicester

Mesothelioma UK & Irwin Mitchell, Solicitors host asbestos related deaths conference


SABIC's Teeside Gas Cracker Project celebrates safety milestone with charity donations

Campaign for specialist nurses to treat growing asbestos cancer. By Gina Davidson

BMJ Open Publication - What is the role of a specialist regional mesothelioma multi-disciplinary meeting?

Simon Bolton, Specialist Mesothelioma Nurse appointed in West & North Yorkshire

FOR HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS - Invitation to Pathology & Inquests in asbestos related deaths - Conference in Manchester - Click here for further details

The Healthy Lungs for Life Campaign - FREE EVENT IN LONDON 


Are illegal asbestos imports entering the UK? Article by Laurie Kazan-Allen

Results of SMART Trials Announced - North Bristol NHS Trust

Richard Weir - Plumber of the Year 2016 finalist

Action Mesothelioma Day in Swindon, Service organised by Withy King

Terrorism: The asbestos deaths caused decades later, Article by Jennifer Seavor, Associate at Withy King

100th Review of Commemorative Edition of the British Asbestos Newsletter

Cancer 52 Briefing Paper

Press Release - UK Toxic Asbestos Imports from China?

JULY 2016

Kate Slaven, Specialist Mesothelioma Nurse apppointed in Cambridge, Press Release 14 July 2016

Thank you - Pat Stone Meso Support Charity

Health & Safety Executive Mesothelioma Mortality Data Update

Summary of Clydeside Memorial

Merseyside & Cheshire Action Mesothelioma Day Update

Action Mesothelioma Day Report.  Click here to access 

Mars 2 Study now online

Press Release - 10th anniversary of National Event to commemorate victims of asbestos cancer in Manchester on 1 July 2016

JUNE 2016

Vacancy for a Fundraising Officer, Leicester

Protect our children and teachers from asbestos exposure in schools - Petition

Christine Jones, Specialist Mesothelioma Nurse appointed in Plymouth, Press Release 20 June 2016

Action Mesothelioma Day in Leicester, Press Release 13 June 2016

Plans unveiled for the new Imperial College Mesothelioma Centre by Professor William Cookson.  Click here to download document.

MAY 2016

Muffins for Meso in May - Request your pack now and start baking for Meso!

APRIL 2016

Invitation from St. Edmundsbury Patient Support Group, Inaugural meeting on Thursday 21 April 2016 at 11 am.  Click here for more information.

MARCH 2016

Carer's Petition, June Hamon

Parliamentary Asbestos Seminar on 22 March 2016

Government to give £45 million from banking fines to 30 charities.  The largest awards of £5m will go to the National Mesothelioma Centre.