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British Asbestos Newsletter Spring 2016

The 100th Issue of the British Asbestos Newsletter, which has become a feature of the global campaign to end the use of asbestos, has just been published. The Commemorative Edition is representative of the breadth of asbestos politics. There are articles on developments in the treatment and nursing of mesothelioma patients, Parliamentary initiatives to achieve just compensation, the histories of social movements such as The Forum and SPAID, legal initiatives in Scotland, the continuing threat posed by asbestos in schools, the on-going struggles to have asbestos banned under the Rotterdam Convention, estimates of the future toll of asbestos deaths, and the industry use of art to promote its products. There are stories of individuals, social movements and regional communities.

The 100th issue can be found here: http://britishasbestosnewsletter.org/ban100_web.pdf

Review of Commemorative Edition of the British Asbestos newsletter: http://ibasecretariat.org/jm-revue-british-asbestos-newsletter-100th-issue.php