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Specialist Mesothelioma Nurse appointed in Plymouth

Christine Jones will treat asbestos-related cancer patients at Derriford Hospital

Christine Jones_New Meso Nurse for Plymouth
Christine Jones


With support from Mesothelioma UK, the Charitable Trust for asbestos-related cancer treatment, Derriford Hospital has appointed Christine Jones as a Mesothelioma Clinical Nurse Specialist.  Christine’s appointment is the 10th addition to Mesothelioma UK’s dedicated UK team of Clinical Nurse Specialists. Christine will be based at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth and will focus on Mesothelioma after working in the hospital’s acute oncology and lung cancer departments.

In this newly-created, two-day-per-week role, she will have a regional responsibility for supporting, signposting, diagnostics, treatment, problem solving, leading and generally offering clinical support with everything relevant to Mesothelioma. Christine will also focus on promoting the activities of a regional Mesothelioma support group and raising awareness of clinical trials. Currently, within the region, around 60 Mesothelioma patients are diagnosed each year.

Christine Jones has worked in Plymouth for three years. Prior to this, Christine managed a hospice, worked for the NHS as a Lung Cancer Certified Registered Nurse (CRN) in Pembrokeshire, Wales, and initially trained in nursing in Aberdeen.

Commenting on her new role, Christine Jones said: “I’m delighted to take up this new role, funded by Mesothelioma UK. I have a personal and professional background in lung cancer and seeing the high concentration of Mesothelioma patients in Plymouth due to the asbestos previously used in the dockyards, I’m thoroughly committed to working on the care and treatment of Mesothelioma patients in Plymouth and surrounding areas.”

Liz Darlison, Mesothelioma UK Director of Services and Consultant Nurse, added: “Mesothelioma is a UK public health disaster and we have so much to do in terms of addressing the many issues related to the disease, not least in prevention. I have always found it to be a most rewarding and privileged area of healthcare in which to be practicing.

“I would like to welcome Christine to Mesothelioma UK, a passionate and dedicated team that are having quite a remarkable impact across the UK. We are delighted that increased support through fantastic fundraising efforts has enabled Mesothelioma UK to extend its team of dedicated nurses to Devon,” continued Liz Darlison.

About Mesothelioma UK:

Mesothelioma UKis a national resource centre dedicated to providing specialist mesothelioma information, support and improved care and treatmentfor all UK mesothelioma patients, their carers and health care professionals. The centre promotes the development of Specialist Mesothelioma Nursing practice and funds 11 specialist nursing posts around the UK. 

Mesothelioma UK Charitable Trust is based at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester. Our services are free of charge and we rely entirely on donations, legacies, fundraising and sponsorship for financial support. For more information, visit www.mesothelioma.uk.com, email mesothelioma.uk@uhl-tr.nhs.uk or call the freephone helpline number on 0800 169 2409 (Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm).

For press enquiries, please contact:

Simon Gribbon, on behalf of Mesolthelioma UK

Mobile No: 07584 088353

Email: simon@sandstarcomms.com