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Richard Weir - Plumber of the Year 2016 Finalist Press Release

Richard Weir photo

Richard Weir is on an exclusive shortlist to win the prestigious UK Plumber of the Year 2016 title and plans to support Mesothelioma UK should he win.

Richard says: "I believe in protecting our people and to that end I am using this platform to launch an awareness programme of the dangers of asbestos in the work place. I am linking myself with the Mesothelioma UK charity which supports people with this debilitating disease. If I win I will be donating all of my winnings to this charity."

We thank Richard for his efforts and wish him the best of luck for his quest to win the title. You can read more about Richard on his blog at www.macoun.co.uk and see more about the competition please click here.

To vote for Richard, go to: www.UKplumberoftheyear.com