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Terrorism: The asbestos deaths caused decades later - Article by Jennifer Seavor

During the the 20th Century, the developing world became increasingly fascinated with an apparently revolutionary material. It was light, strong, flame resistant and an exceptional insulator thatcould be easily mixed or woven into other materials.Thanks to its adaptability this ancient and naturally occurring fibrebecame the hallmark of a modern and successful city.But little did we know that one day Asbestos was to become a time bomb that would affect future generations in a way that few could have imagined.

Exposure to asbestos dust and fibres can cause a number of debilitating and fatal illnesses. These include mesothelioma, asbestos related lung cancer, asbestosis and benign pleural diseases, including diffuse pleural thickening and pleural plaques.  Mesothelioma is sadly an incurable cancer almost always caused by asbestos.

Today, the dangers associated with asbestos exposure are well known and its use in the UK construction industry has been banned since 1999. There are also a number of strict regulations for the safe handling and removal of asbestos to prevent exposure. Nevertheless, there is still a significant risk posed if asbestos is disturbed unknowingly and a recent survey has shown that asbestos has been found in over 80% of schools in England and Wales

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