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You too can join in the fun 'It's not too late to grow a mo for Meso'

The Norwich, Bury St. Edmunds and Brentwood PSGs. of the Anglia Asbestos Diseases Support Group, have so far raised £500 for Movember4Meso with another 15 days to go. Patients, volunteers and sponsors have been raiding the supermarket shelves in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex and the availability of hair restorer we are told is now very limited in the region.

News from the front line suggests that Norfolk is ahead by a short nose, closely followed by Essex. In a despatch from TopLip HQ in Brentwood, the co-ordinator Mr. Tash reports that Brian's 'Che Guevara' type is coming along nicely, but he does admit to having a head start. Joe, who has absconded from Norfolk and joined the Essex Crew is sporting a wonderful WW1 Aviator creation and John (who was a late starter) is now going around town, pointing his finger at everyone and saying 'Your Country Needs You' - backed up by a nicely trimmed 'Lord Kitchener' moustache.

We await detailed reports from Norwich and Bury but they are a canny lot so who knows what they might come up with by judging day on 29th. November. There is still time to join the Essex Crew who wait with baited breath wondering what our country cousins Mike, Richard, Toby and Stephen might be planning for the big day. It has been rumoured that some of the ladies intend to gatecrash the event with PLASTIC moustaches. Plastic - what's that all about, then !

See the Meso UK. website under Patient Support Groups or contact vicki.clover@ashtonslegal.co.uk orvictoria.bunn@pinneytalfourd.co.uk

 to join in the fun or sponsor the team.