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Message from Mavis Nye - Mesothelioma Action Day of Remembrance 2017

Mavis and Ray Nye photo
Ray and Mavis Nye

Good Morning Everyone.

I'm so sorry I couldn't attend your 2017 Mesothelioma Action Day of Remembrance.

Isn't it great that I can even say that today. After 8 years I'm still a Mesothelioma Survivor. I'm still here even though I have stretched my 3 months diagnosis. I'm so lucky that my genes were right and my immune system could cut in again and kill my cancer cells.

BUT -Don't think I'm sitting back and taking this for granted. I'm so grateful to Merck (MSD) for MK3475 -28, but those that know me know how I have survival guilt. I'm working with CRUK and Dean Fennel with the Confirm Trial. We are filling the trial up well with Mesowarriors UK and the Mesothelioma UK.

I also work with Peter Szlosarek at St Bart's referring patients to his excellent trial. ATOMIC.

This year has seen a great turn around and we are looking at treatments that are so different to Palliative care with Standard Chemo. We can give hope

BUT we mustn't give false hope and sadly so many are still loosing their life with this horrible disease.

It is the reason I have become a Charity Foundation (you are all invited to my Launch Party in Richmond later in the year)

I wanted to raise Funding for Research Grants, A Hardship fund for Mesowarriors ,and Grants for Education of nurses/doctors also Creating more Mesothelioma UK Nurses as Mesothelioma UK is so dear to my heart.

Our Prayers and love are with so many Mesowarriors that have lost their lives. Let the doves fly into the skies and take our love to heaven on this day as we remember so many of our friends.

Enjoy your day as I will in Derby with UKATA talking about  My Journey and Managing Asbestos in the modern world.

Mavis Nye BCA.

7 July 2017