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Private and Charity Donations

Thelma Ted

On-Line Donations and Personal Donations:

Pat Adams ~ Donation in rememberance of Steve Johnson who was my friend's son-in-law. God Bless Lindsay, William and all the family.
 Pat & Ben xx £15.00
Adrian Adcock ~ In loving memory of a dear brother-in-law, Ron Hudson £30.00
Lindsey Aherne ~ In memory of my husband Denis Aherne £25.00
Jean Aiston ~ Donated in memory of a good friend, Tony Wright £30.00
Alison from Holdingham Lincs ~ I have lost several family members to this disease and it is still not really known about much so I feel more awareness is needed £5.00 
Marie Alford ~ Money donated from photograph sales of Charity Ball £219.38
Janice Allen ~ Donation £1,000 
Cate Allen ~ On the death of my father-in-law William Stanley Allen, monies collected instead of flowers. "Stan" was diagnosed with Mesothelioma in March at the age of 83 and died at home in June 2016 £120.00
Leslie Allen ~ Donation £10.00
John Gareth Allsopp ~ In loving memory of Tess Gully £25.00 
Lindsey Ambrose ~ In Memory of Neil Fisher £20.00 
Richard Anderson ~ In Memory of my Father, David John Anderson, desperately missed by all who knew and loved him £50.00
Justin Anderson ~ In Memory of my Father, Mr David John Anderson £30.00 
John Anderson ~ In memory of Archie Beggs £50.00 
James Angier ~ Donation £10.00
Mr J Anning ~ Donation made on behalf of Mr Ian Cutler £85.00
Craig Arbuckle ~ My Dad has just been diagnosed with mesothelioma and already the service provided by this organisation has been invaluable.  Thank you and keep up the amazing work £25.00
Penny Ashwell ~ Remembering a lovely husband and wonderful father, grandpa and father in law this Christmas 2014 £100.00
Penny Ashwell ~ In loving memory of John Ashwell 4.1.1946 - 27.11.2012 £100.00
Graeme Armstrong ~ Donation thanking Meso UK for all the work they do £20.00
Mike Armstrong ~ Mac was absolutely one of the best, a huge loss £50.00
Robert Armstrong ~ From Eileen Newbold £25.00
Amelia Astbury ~ Donation in memory of Graham Hammond £15.00
Yvette Aston ~ donation to remember Geoff Guilfoyle £10.00
Marian Auckland ~ In memory of Posie Nicholson and her beautiful fused stained glass work £100.00
Maureen Austin ~ In memory of Brian Austin, a very dear husband, father & grandfather who sadly passed away 28th July 2016 £280.00
Mercy Aylott ~ This is given in recognition of the great support you have given to my Auntie Linda.  Only a small token but the work you do is much appreciated £25.00

Peter & Teresa Baddeley ~ In memory of Jennifer Barnett an exceptional and very special lady £20.00 
Kevin Bailey ~ this donation has been made by Land Registry Coventry who sponsored some of their colleagues...'The Strollers' to take part in this years Two Castles 10km run from Warwick Castle to Kenilworth castle. Thanks to all runners and those who gave so generously £350.00 
Gareth Bainbridge ~ In loving memory of Billy Bobby Bainbridge.  Your Team still doesn't have a manager and my team is in the Europa League Round of 32!  Merry Christmas Dad xxxx £300.00
Juline Helen Baird ~ Sending a donation in lieu of sending Christmas Cards and in memory of my Grandpa £20.00
Miles Balderston ~ Merry Christmas, here's a small donation as a small present and in honour of my late Grandma, Val Knowler, who suffered from this form of cancer £10.00
Rod & Iris Bannister ~ In memory of a good friend and neighbour Pete Williams, who will be both missed and remembered £30.00
Mark Baptist on behalf of Lincoln Snooker Club customers ~ Donation In Memory of Mr Ken Baptist £225.00 
Raymond Barbuti ~ With regard to Sylvia and Ian Murray's Ruby Wedding celebration £30.00
Jenny Barna ~ In Memory of Robert Heap £100.00 
Julie Barber ~ in memory of Ian Penny £10.00
Peter & Teresa Barnett ~ In Memory of Jennifer Barnett an exceptional and very special lady £20.00
Peter Barnfield ~ Donation £25.00 
Suzanne Barne ~ Donation in memory of her father, Bernard John Welton Wallace who passed away in February 2017 from mesothelioma £100.00
Jane Barter ~ held a Ladies Clothes Swishing Party in memory of her Father, Mr Tony Downton and raised £835.00
Jane Barter ~ Donation made for Quiz Night held in memory of her father, Mr Tony Downton raising £185.00 
Carol Bartle ~ Donation £50.00
Prof Simon Barton ~ In Memory of Dr A D Lawson £50.00 
Nigel Batchelor ~ In memory of Les Mortlock £25.00
Michelle Bates ~ Donation £20.00
Paula Bates ~ Thinking of Jenny, Mike, Grace and Charlotte this Christmas and every day since they lost Brenda £15.00
Hazel Batten ~ To One Courageous Lady! £5.00 
Philip Beal ~ Thanking Meso UK for their hard work and support.  "You inspire us all with hope. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year £20.00
John Beck ~ In memory of Peter Mansfield. A good friend and neighbour to many. Very greatly missed £30.00
David Beckwith ~ Donation £25.00
Derrick Beer ~ In affectionate memory of our dear friend Ray Mathews.  We shall never forget the happy times that we spent with you and Jay - days and nights full of laughter and music.  You will not be forgotten.  With all our love, Chris & Derrick £115.00
Amanda Bennett ~ Donation £20.00
Sue Bechtel ~ Rather than sending Christmas cards this year we have decided to give the money to Mesothelioma UK because my husband has just been diagnosed with this awful cancer £50.00 
Sue Bechtel ~ Donation £50.00
Nic Beggs ~ Donation £30.00
Trudi Beggs ~ Donation £20.00
Cassie Bell ~ A small donation for advent and in memory of my Uncle Terry x £2.00
Clare Bell ~ In memory of Graham Hammond, who passed away 2nd September 2015 after a brave fight with the illness. Love Clare, Martin, Adam & Joseph Bell xxx £15.00
Steve Bell ~ In loving memory of Roy. Sadly missed however great memories are always remembered. Steve & George £20.00
Mary Bennett ~ Thinking of friends and relatives of Sheila and Dave Thompkins £20.00
Siobhan Bennett ~ In memory of my beloved Dad, wonderful Grandad to my two children who had to leave us due to this dreadful disease xxxx £15.00
Helen Bentley ~ This donation was raised at my wedding, in memory of my grandad who died last March 2014 from Mesothelioma and didn't make it to see me walk down the aisle. We hope this will help a little in the fight against this horrible disease £50.00
Catriona Rachel Berridge ~ Money raised by the Northill Community Choir, Bedfordshire £200.00 
Tina Berry ~ Donation £10.00
Kate Bickerton ~ I wanted to donate because my Grandad died very quickly and know how much donating this Christmas would mean to my Mum.  Thank you very much for the work which you do £10.00
Ann Billington ~ In memory of George Billington who passed away October 2015.  Cash donation on Action Mesothelioma Day July 2017.  Some family and friends donated online £130.00 
Lauren Jay Birkumshaw ~ Donation £450.00
Claire Birro ~ In memory of Patricia Smith, love Saw Im & Claire Birro £20.00
Helen Bilton ~ In loving memory of my wonderful Dad, Richard Cheeseman, who lost his brave battle on November 9th 2015.  Miss you forever Dad x £50.00
Victoria Billington ~ Donation £20.00
Eileen Blackie ~ My late husband died of mesothelioma eight years ago.  This donation has been raised by my eldest daughter with support from family and friends.  Special thanks to Ms Helene Blackie £400.00
Kevin Blackman ~ In memory of Harry Knox. Never forgotten. Love Kevin £10.00
Leighsa Blake ~ To Ian Penny's family ~ please accept this donation with deepest condolences from all at the Green Investment Bank £50.00
Janet Blakemore ~ In loving memory of my Uncle, Martin McGlone, who passed away in January after a brave fight, with love Janet, Nick, Claire and Mark xxxxx £50.00
Stephanie Blakey ~ This year I have chosen to donate what I would have spent on Christmas cards and postage.  My husband is newly diagnosed with mesothelioma and currently receiving radiotherapy.  As they say "every little helps" and I hope this is the case £25.00 
Stephanie Blakey ~ donation instead of sending Christmas cards in memory of her husband £30.00
Stephanie Blakey ~ This Is the proceeds from the Mesothelioma collection pot we keep at our main desk.  It is a cause close to my heart as my husband passed away last February with mesothelioma.  As we say to our readers "every little helps" 4.1.18 £62.00
Stephanie Blakey ~ Donation 20.1.18 £10.00
Nicola Blanshard 2020 LEGAL LTD ~ Donation £827.24
Nicola Blanshard 2020 LEGAL LTD ~ Donation made 20.6.17 £292.59
Kirsty Blowers ~ A small donation in memory of Albert James Turner, born 1st May 1951 and sadly taken on 28th January 2017 £10.00
Maggie Bloxwich ~ In loving memory of Harry Knox, with love £50.00
David Blundell ~ In memory of Fred Minall, a real gentleman, kind, helpful and caring.  Rest in Peace with his loving wife Margaret £25.00
Zoe Blythin ~ In memory of my wonderful Mum, Judy Parker.  I love you Mum £60.00
Patricia Boardman ~ Donation £20.00 
Sarah Boddice ~ I wish to donate in memory of my dad, Wal Thompson, who passed away 5/2/15 from Mesothelioma.  I ran the Birmingham Half Marathon in October and have already raised over £500 via Just Giving, this is the final amount of sponsorship now collected.  Keep up the good work! £193.00
Margaret Boden ~ In Memory of Mr Ken Stockdale £50.00
Kerry Boniface ~ In loving memory of Stephen Boniface who sadly passed away from Mesothelioma, aged 57 years.  Funeral collection was at his request £360.00
Paul Bolton ~ Donation £10.00
Tom William Bond ~ Donation £50.67
Tom Bond ~ Donation £50.00
Jillian Booth ~ Donation £20.00
Paul Boulton ~ In memory of a wonderful cousin, Graham, who was taken from us aged just 51 by this dreadful disease £5.00 
Erik Bower ~ Donation £35.00
Clare Bowyer ~ This is a Christmas donation on behalf of my father, who I lost to mesothelioma in 2014!  I have opted to do this, rather than send Christmas cards this year (2017), as it's a worthy cause and I have experienced first hand the devastation this cancer can cause! £50.00
Christopher George Boyce ~ In memory of Martin McGlone. A good chum with whom I had good times £50.00
Stefan Bramwell ~ Donation for Alan Bramwell £175.00 
Arthur Brand ~ In memory of my brother-in-law David Clarkson.  Remembering the good times, wines and pizzas shared with a wonderful man and the family £150.00
Gemma Brennan ~ Donation for Eilis Quinlan & Jona Rousseau on their wedding day 8/10/16 £50.00
A & M Brett ~ In memory of Brian Reginald Rabett £20.00
Jon Bridgewater - Donation £50.00
Elizabeth Brocklehurst ~ In loving memory of our Dad, Leslie Brian Fenning who sadly passed away from this awful disease on 25th August 2016, aged 66 surrounded by all his family.  We miss you Dad, if only we could have one more dayxxxxx Thanks to all who donated at the church service. Lots of Love £250.00
Alice Brockman ~ Money was raised from our Minature Music Festival, where family and friends made donations towards Mesothelioma UK and gathered to play music one afternoon £212.00
Alice Brockman ~ I am donating on behalf of my friend Kayleigh who completed a sky dive to raise money and awareness for Mesothelioma UK.  Well done Kay!!! £10.00
Margaret Brown ~ In Memory of Gordon Brown from all his family and freinds £480.00
Ruth Diana Brown ~ Donation in memory of Harry Knox who lived a full and healthy life until he became ill with Mesothelioma.  Greatly missed by daughters, family and friends £25.00
Samuel Brown ~ Donation £6.00 
Jenni Brown ~ In Memory of Cliff Mallard £25.00 
Clive Bruce ~ Worked with Brian for a short time. Great man need more like him. £20.00
Amy Bruin ~ to mark my Grandads 86th Birthday 08.09.14. It's been a month and a half since we lost him to this condition and not a day goes by that we do not think of him. Happy birthday Grandad, this donation is to help prevent other people losing their Grandad's and other loved ones £10.00 
Liam Bubb ~ In loving memory of my grandad, Twink, always in our hearts £10.00
Camilla Buckley ~ In loving memory of a very special Dad and Papa whose life was shortened by this cruel disease. Much loved and greatly missed.  Camilla, Rob, Freddie and Charlie xxxx £100.00
Emma Bulley ~ Instead of sending Christmas cards, I make a donation to charity.  This is in memory of Roger Bracegirdle £10.00
Julie Burchill ~ Donation £400.00
Helen Burgess ~ In honour of the lovely Grandmother of my childhood friend who passed away a few days ago £20.00
Kay Louise Burgess ~ In memory of our neighbour and friend, Geoff Sinclair.  With love from Katie, George, Lydia and Edward £50.00
Miss T L Burgess ~ Donation given for Forget-Mesothlioma-Not pins given for wedding favours £120.00
Judy Burgoyne ~ This donation is on behalf of my husband, Thomas (Tom) Burgoyne, who died in June 2014 from mesothelioma.  I am using money normally sent on Xmas card and stamps. £50.00
Nicola Burke ~ Lots of Love from @Weeslice's amazing followers £50.00
Tom Burke ~ For Katie’s' Nan £5.00
Duncan Burton ~ Donation in memory of Margaret Sibson £30.00
Gary Butcher ~ Donation in memory of Bruce Butcher, much loved RIP £100.00
Yvonne Burton ~ Donation in memory of her husband, Eric Burton, on the anniversary of losing him.  In honour of the service at Leicester Cathedral on 7th July 2017 £25.00
Anne Butler ~ Donations at the funeral of my late mother, Lisbeth Shuttleworth, in memory of my late brother, Robert Shuttleworth who died of mesothelioma.  Both very sadly missed £65.00
Tony Butler - Donation made following the loss of a relative £25.00 
Lisa Buxton ~ Our donation in place of sending Christmas cards £50.00

Bruce Cameron ~ from all at R & M Electrical Wholesalers Ltd £50.00
Canbury Limited ~ In memory of Jim Strachan £100.00
Rebecca Candlin ~ Donation for her lovely Dad, Tony Steele £20.00 
Andrew Cannon ~ In memory of Fred Drossler, who loved life, laughed a lot and was taken from us prematurely by this dreadful illness caused by asbestos £60.00

Pearl Carleton ~ In Memory of Darryl £60.00
Mike Callison ~ This donation is on behalf of our dear friend and golfing partner, Keith Rand who passed recently.  He will always be in our memory and is missed by his golfing friends £160.00
Sharon Carling ~ Donation £20.00
John Cartain ~ In Memory of Neil Fisher, A champion for those suffering from mesothelioma £50.00
Deborah Carter ~ This is for my Dad, Colin Knight £20.00
Laura Carter ~ In memory of my Granddad, Happy Christmas! £20.00
Graham & Irene Case ~ In memory of Judy Parker who passed away recently after suffering from mesothelioma £25.00
Caversham AFC ~ In memory of Alan Hayden RIP £300.00
Nic & Di Challacombe ~ In Memory of Alan Hayden, who will be greatly missed by all who knew him £25.00
Clare Chantler ~ In Memory of Peter Buckner 1 in a million £80.00 
Myriam Chapelin ~ In memory of Martin McGlone - to a big hearted and admirable man £30.00
Helen Childs ~ In Memory of Trevor Merriott from Helen Childs, all at Withy King Solicitors and Simon Michael - Trevor's Barrister £25.00
Mrs Chisnall ~ Donation £10.00 
Mr & Mrs Cholmeley ~ Donation £100.00
Glen Clark ~ Donation In Memory of Mr John Hazelden. Our condolences, thoughts and love go to his family and our great friends, Matt, Sam and Archie. From Glen, Anny, Josh and Aidan. £30.00
Lisa Clark ~ In loving memory of Joyce Silk a much loved wife, mum and nan who losst her brave fight to this dreadful disease in August.  We miss you xx  £100.00
Lynda Clarke ~ In memory of a wonderful man xx £5.00
Mr P Clarke ~ In memory of Leslie Brian Fenning on behalf of Danecastre Masonic Lodge £30.00
John Clarkson ~ Steve and family, in memory of your father.  Our condolences to you all we are thinking of you. £25.00

Anna Cleave ~ £20.00
Richard Clifford ~ donation £20.00
Anthony A Clift ~ In memory of Michael Cavanagh £20.00
Claire Clift ~ donation in memory of Mrs Jen Barnett £425.60
John and Debbie Coaster ~  In Memory of our friend Richard Hill £20.00 
Sarah Clay ~ Donation in support of her son  who ran in a local Fun Run as he wanted the money raised to go to Mesothelioma UK in memory of his close friend who died of mesothelioma as did his best friends grandad too £45.00
Dorothy Coburn ~ in memory of my sister Eileen £20.00
Steve Cockburn ~ Growing a moustache in support of his good friend Owen £58.25 
Bernard Coe ~ In memory of Keith Perks £20.00
Miss H J Cole ~ £50.00

Wayne Cole ~ I lost a good friend, John Wing, to this horrible illness and through the families request, I'm making this small donation £30.00
Robert & Margaret Coleman ~ Donated in fond memory of a wonderful caring friend, Judy Parker £25.00
Barry Compton ~ This is in addition to the donations previously sent by Frederick W Paine in memory of the late Rose Elizabeth Davey £50.00
Charlotte Cook ~ In memory of my lovely Grandpa £5.00
David Cook ~ In memory of David Clarkson MBE £15.00
Jill Cook ~ Donation instead of Christmas cards for her husband, aged 43, diagnosed in November £25.00
Janice Coon ~ In memory of Martin Kemp.  Taken too soon.  Forever in our thoughts. David, Janice, Olivia and Elliot Coon £20.00
Peter Collins ~ I would like to mark the first anniversary of losing my wife to this horrible, yet little understood disease 2015 £150.00
Peter Collins ~ In memory of my wife, Sally Collins, who died 15th July 2014 £150.00
Peter Collins ~ Donation made 19.7.17 in memory of his dear wife, Sally £150.00
Lynn Cook ~ Donated in memory of Tony Royal of Merseyside. Rest in Peace Tony £20.00
Lynn Cook - Supporting all in the name of Sarah Ann Cook 2015 £10.00
Lynn Cook ~ Kind donation in the name of my lovely Mum lost to mesothelioma, Mrs Sarah Ann Cook from the lovely Ken. Mum couldn't pronouce her illness but she wanted a cure for everybody coming afer her "for this thing that it have". Donation for Research, Lynn £26.00
Leanne Copeland ~ This year instead of sending Christmas Cards I done in memory of my wonderful Dad 2015 £5.00
Leanne Copeland ~ Instead of Christmas cards this year, I am donating the money I would have spent, in memory of my wonderful Dad, Willie Dunn 2016 £5.00
Nick Corner ~ Donation stating "Instead of buying Christmas Cards that go in the bin, I thought this would be a nice alternative" £15.00
Tim Corcoran ~ In memory of Jill Davis £40.00
Susan Corrigan ~ Donation made "I've just lost my beloved husband Martin to meso.  I'm making this donation to support other fighters, families and research. £500.00
Ann-Maria Costello ~ Donated her competition win of
 £500.00 from W Craven & Son Roofing 
Geraldine Courtney ~ In thanks for the Patient and Carers Day in Birmingham on 3.5.16 £100.00
Eileen Cottrell ~ In memory of Pat and Eric Smith £25.00
R K Cove ~ Donation £100.00
Adrian Cox ~ Donation from the RBA 93 in support of David Edgar who has mesothelioma who is a good friend with whom he served in the Royal Navy £250.00
Lauren Cox ~ In Memory of a much loved Grandad and Dad £8.00 

Stacie Cox ~ My donation for my no makeup selfie in Memory of my Grandad £10.00 
Wally & Gill Cox ~ In memory of Ray Mathews £20.00
Anthony J Creaby ~ Donation £30.00

Deidre Craigie ~ In loving memory of my dear daddy Joe Doherty died 01/01/2013 love and miss u everyday xx £10.00
Deirdre Craigie ~ Dec 15 ~ In loving memory of my daddy Joe RIP xx £10.00
Dawn Crawford ~ Donation £20.00
Neville Creese ~ In loving memory of Bruce Butcher. Neville & Elaine £20.00
Mrs Ann Cregan ~ My husband, Terry Cregan, died from mesothelioma in December 2013. His passion was growing pelargoniums and he left hundreds of them! I have given some to enthusiasts who in return have donated £20 each for this charity in his memory
John Crellin ~ Donation made in recognition of the excellent support I have received from Mesothelioma UK since my diagnosis £200.00

Karen Cretney ~ Donation £20.00
Miss Cris ~ Donation in honor of those who have lost the battle and those still fighting £115.00
Suzanne Croft ~ Donation
Roy Croft ~ In memory of Dad, Rex Billing £10.00 
Elizabeth Crompton ~ Keep fighting Grandpa I love you xxx £50.00

Elizabeth Crompton ~ Praying for a cure - thinking of my grandpa and everybody else at this difficult time December 2016 £40.00
Elizabeth Crompton ~ Miss you every day Grandpa.  You were my best friend and I love you. From Elizabeth xx £50.00
Simone Crosbie ~ Donation, thank you for all the help you provided for my lovely Grandad, I know how much he appreciated it, xxx £100.00   
David Cullen ~ In memory of Ed Broadbent, loved by many people £20.00
Nicholas Cumbers ~ Donation made in celebration of the 70th birthday of my friend Valerie Darmon and in memory of Bernard Darmon £70.00

Mr Michael O Curran ~ In Memory of Mr Peter William Lee 12th July 1947 - 11th July 2014. Twin sons of different mothers. xo Michael & Peg.

Edward & Sheila Daisley ~ In fond memory of Geoff Lerway, a good friend and great bowls coach £15.00 Helen Dakin ~ Donation £10.00 
Becky Daley ~ Donation £30.00

Florian Damien, Maylarch Environmental Ltd - Donation In support to all those affected by this disease as well as their families and friends. Courage... £116.45
Hongwei Dang ~ Donation made to say to Meso UK to carry on the good work and support we give £50.00
Suzanne Daniels ~ In support of this very worthwhile charity £50.00
Geoff Davies ~ In memory of Ray Mathews £20.00
Paul Davis ~ This donation is from a friend of mine who donated it following the death of my mother, Jill Davis, in July from mesothelioma £10.00
Susan David ~ Donation £20.00
Angela Deakin ~ Donation £25.00
Jo Dean ~ In Memory of Sandra Manchee, from all her friends and colleagues from the Spire Riding Hospital £50.00
Kate Denham & John Hamilton ~ Donation £50.00
Michael Denton ~ In memory of Tess Gully, a wonderful, caring lovely lady who fought this terrible disease with stoicism, much loved by Chris and Mick xx £25.00 

Joy Dermott ~ Well done Sue - Keep up the good work and the calories down! Joy Xxx £20.00 
Andy Dick ~ Donation from Progress Software on behalf of Clive Dutton - Good Luck Clive in your fight, all our thought are with you, Andy £100.00 

Beverley E Dickerson ~ Donation £400.00
Mark Ian Dickens ~ In cherished memory of Nick Day - a great mate £117.50
Kenneth Dickey ~ donation collection by friends in PFPD on behalf of Mr Tom Roberts.  Tom's son Gary works in PFPD/HSE.  Tom passed away from mesothelioma on 13th May 2017. £50.00
Hannah Dickinson ~ Donation £7.00
Michele Dickson ~ Donation £20.00
Miss K M Dillon ~ £30.00 
Julie Divall ~ I am making this donation in honour of my much loved DAD, PETER BUCKNER, passed away from this dreadful illness in November.  We are still trying to come to terms with what's happened, he faded before our eyes and from being diagnosed he was gone within 5 weeks.  Dad was such a friendly happy uncomplicated man.  Everyone loved him.  Forever in our hearts.  Miss you so much Dad xxxx £1,000.00
Julie Divall ~ Donation 30.12.15 ~ A Christmas Raffle was held in memory of Peter Buckner.  Much missed Dad. £270.00
Julie Divall ~ 25.1.18 Cutting Edge Hair Salon, Horam held Christmas Raffle in honour of Peter Buckner who we lost to mesothelioma.  A very special man xxx £300.00
Christine Dobby ~ In loving memory of Michael Lennon, who sadly passed away on 19th May 2014 £10.00 
Christine Dobby ~ Remembering our lovely Dad, Michael Lennon, on what would have been his 87th Birthday (16th June), passed away May 2014, loved and missed every day x £10.00
Christine Dobby ~ Miss you so much Dad, Michael Lennon, thinking of you on your birthday 16th June 2016, love from all your family £10.00
 Mrs Joan M Dobson ~ Birthday present for Buddy £30.00 
Paul Dockerty ~ £10.00

Alex Donaghue & Mark Ion-Savage ~ In memory of our brave Uncle Kevin on his wife and my beautiful auntie Kaths's 60th Birthday! Miss you and love always! Shine bright! xxx £5.00
Trevor Dorling ~ In memory of Martin Summer £30.00 
Amanda Dougan ~ In memory of my Dad, Dermott Dougan, who we sadly won't get to spend Christmas with this year x £10.00

Jennifer Douglas ~ In loving  Memory of her dear Mum, Winifred Thacker £1000.00
Mrs Diana Downe ~ In fond memory of Michael Sutton of Ashley Heath, who died on 22nd July this year. £25.00
Joanne Downey ~ For Craig Budworth's cycle challenge (completed) £20.00
Mrs J Downton ~ Donation made following a book sale in memory of her husband £408.00
Rebecca Drewry ~ Supporting our excellent charity on behalf of my wonderful grandmother, who suffered bravely.  Thinking of her this first Christmas that she isn't with us and well wishing to all those going through this at the moment £30.00
Liz Drummond ~ For my dear husband John xx £50.00
Mrs E Drummond ~ In memory of my dear husband John. This money came from our son Andy who should have been getting a taxi home from a night out but instead he walked £15.00 
Liz Drummond ~ Remembering my dear John, best friend, soulmate and husband who was taken by this vile disease on
26th February 2013.  Words cannot begin to describe the emptiness and heartache since you've been gone.  £50.00    
Elizabeth Drummond ~ Sent in memory of my dear husband John, who suffered and died from this horrendous disease.  I just hope the Government takes notice of thousands who have supported petitions to remove asbestos from all our schools so that teachers and the children are not exposed to this carcinogen (December 2016) £100.00      
Liz Drummond ~ her son promised anyone who could post a photo on Facebook of John's alarm boxes, then he would donate £10.00 for every photo.  Still famous John xx £30.00
Liz Drummond ~ In memory of my dear John, in the hope that a cure will soon be found for this hideous disease.  His life was taken from him just by working to provide for his family. Dec 2017 £100.00
Claire Duffin ~ donation
Sam Dunbar ~ Donation £5.00
Joanne Dunne ~ Donation collected from the Red Lion, Kingly Street London £77.50
Joanne Dunne ~ Now residing at the Harrow in Hornchurch Essex  Donations collected on the bar £20.17   

Janet Mary Dutton ~ In memory of my cousin, Judy Parker £10.00


Nadyne Ebbens ~ Donation £10.00
Sam Ebner-Landy ~ Donation £10.00
Elizabeth Jane Edney ~ In loving memory of Steven £25.00
Phillipa Edgeley ~ Donation instead of buying and sending Christmas cards from Australia, in memory of her Dad, Harry Ward £100.00
Jane Edmundson ~ In loving memory of our dear Dad, Alf, wonderful memories of a wonderful, caring and loving man £10.00
Faye Edwards ~ My father died of mesothelioma and this donation was the money collected at his funeral. thank you to everyone who donated and I hope it helps the charity £244.00 
Jon Edwards ~ Donation £251.00
Pauline Edwards ~ Donation instead of Christmas cards - in memory of Roy Blakey £20.00

Harry Edworthy ~ This is from my son, as he has raised money for a school project.  £71.00
Michael Eels ~ My Mother has just been diagnosed and I have today requested an information pack.  This is a small donation to say thanks for sending the pack £25.00
Mrs L C Eldewiny ~ Donation £110.00
Fran Elkington ~ Well done Sue Thompson on your sponsored slim & on raising awareness of mesothelioma £14.00
Alan Evans ~ In memory of my mum, Valerie Evans who passed away from this disease earlier this year £140.00
Neil Evans ~ We wish to give this gesture to hope you have a lovely Christmas, Nteractive x £160.00
Nigel Evens ~ Donation £10.00 
Jennifer Margaret Everard ~ In memory of Peter Cowie £30.00
June Eyre ~ Donating in remembrance of Mike Clifford from Halesowen, Birmingham.  RIP Mike, love from June xxxx £35.00

Kevin Fagan ~ Donation £10.00
Connie Farnes ~ In memory of a wonderful grandfather £10.00
Deborah Faulks ~ I am donating because my amazing Dad has Mesothelioma and I honestly don't know how we would have coped without your support.  I know that any research will be too late for Dad but we need to prevent this continuing to ruin our lives £100.00
Deborah Faulks ~ In memory of her Dad, Peter Faulks, at Christmas 2016 £30.00
Deborah Faulks ~ Donation in lieu of sending Christmas cards 2017 £20.00
Sarah Fesco ~ In memory of my Dad who died in June 2015 aged 69 of Mesothelioma.  His courage and dignity right to the end made me very proud.  Miss you every day Daddy. Love us all xxx £50.00
Sarah Fesco ~ This donation is in memory of my Dad, who passed away from mesothelioma near two years ago.  Missed so very much by all of us. £100.00
Alexandra Fisher ~ In memory of my late father, Neil Fisher who fought for justice for the sufferers of this disease and their families £200.00  
Alexandra Fisher ~ Donation from funds received at the Memorial for Mr Neil Fisher £150.00
Martin Fisher ~ In memory of my Uncle Rodney James Mason £50.00
Peter Flannery ~ Donation £1,000.00 
Iris and Kevin Flannigan ~ In loving memory of our dear cousin Thomas Lees of Warden Hexham, Northumberland who died too young of this terrible disease £20.00
Kieran Flynn ~ In Memory of Fred Reed, a proud Londoner who worked for many years as a Thames Waterman and Lighterman, who passed away on 12th August 2016.  A good man and a real gentleman.  Donations made by Fred's family £130.00
Kieran Flynn ~ Remembering a lovely Dad and Grandad, Fred Reed, on his 1st anniversary. With love, Jan, Kieran & Rachel Flynn £100.00
James Foran ~ donation £25.00
David Malcolm Forbes ~ In loving memory of our dear sister in law, Meg McSweeney who bore her illness with great courage.  Let us work to end the scourge of mesothelioma £50.00
Caroline Ford ~ In Memory of my neighbour Harry Stewart £20.00
Roger Ford ~ In memory of Judy £20.00
Susan Fretwell ~ 19.12.15 ~ I would like to submit this donation in memory of my dear husband, David, who sadly died of Mesothelioma in February 2012 £25.00
Susan Fretwell ~ Since losing my dear husband to mesothelioma I feel unable to participate in xmas festivities so decided each year I would donate to Mesothelioma UK and McMillan in memory of my husband £25.00

Vanessa Gahagan ~ donation to Meso UK stating "Amazing work - you guys rock xxx" £20.00
Wendy Gainham and staff from Slater & Gordon Lawyers ~ Donation in memory of their dear colleague Neil Fisher  £250.00 
Richard Gamage ~ In memory of Greg Gamage ~ We lost the best Dad in the world, Greg Gamage to this awful disease and Mesothelioma UK helped us during a terrible time in our life £1,000.00
Helen Gamble ~ In memory of Patricia Lesley (Trish) Thompson who sadly died on mesothelioma on 28th March 2015 - a very brave lady £25.00

Melvyn Gandz ~ Wishing our friends Sylvia & Ian Murray a very Happy Anniversary and many, many more.  Love Deborah & Melvyn Gandz £25.00
Natalie Gardiner ~ In loving memory of my Grandad Roger, Merry Christmas, we love and  miss you loads xxx £30.00
Mrs J Gardner ~ Donation £30.00
Kelly Garner ~ Donation £10.00
Suzanne Gardner ~ Donation in memory of Michael Arthur Cross deceased, from funeral collection on 3rd August 2017 £162.06
Kelly Garner ~ Donation 
Jonathan Geldard ~ In memory of Maureen Farrance £50.00
Diane Gibbs ~ In memory of her late husband, Terry Gibbs who passed away on 27th April 2017 £100.00
John Gibbs ~ Making donation on behalf of his brother, Terry Gibbs, who died recently from mesothelioma.  I am hoping this contribution will help with the research to combat this awful disease £50.00
Aidan Gibson ~ Donation £40.00
Wilma Gibson ~ My Uncle's family helped out by this charity when he passed away.  Heartbreaking to learn of his illness.... as a consequence of working with asbestos years ago!  Not much but it helps. RIP Uncle James Gibson £50.00
Kirsty Gilbert ~ Happy Birthday to my generous, loving cousin who has requested no gifts but donations in honour of his Dad x £20.00
Kirsty Gilbert ~ Merry Christmas Uncle Paul.  We love you very much.  Keep fighting xx £20.00
Lynn Gillies ~ Donation £5.00
Robert Gladwin ~ Having been told I have mesothelioma in January this year, I would like to donate to this worthy cause, please let me know if there are any groups in my area.  I am 73 so cannot travel too far.  Thank you £50.00
Kevin Goacher ~ Donations collected following the Cromer Boxing Day Dip from residents of a care home £20.00
Bhavna Godhaniya ~ Donation stating "I know the amazing work that is done and hopefully this small contribution will help £50.00
Sheila Goodes - Donation £25.00
Mr and Mrs Goodin ~ In loving memory of their late uncle George Mills £40.00 
Diane Valerie Gordon ~ donation made to hopefully find a cure £25.00

Patrick Gorman ~ In support of the Newsletter and booklet which he found very helpful £30.00 
Delma Gould ~ In memory of Martin McGlone £30.00

Charlotte Greaves ~ Donation £10.00
Ena Green ~ In support of my husband who has recently been diagnosed with mesothelioma I am donating the amount I would usually spend on Christmas Cards, I am sure our family and friends will understand
Ena Green ~ Donation in remembrance of my husband Bryan, who died of mesothelioma earlier this year.  The money was raised through the sale of plants from my garden opening on 21st June 2015 £200.12
Ena Green ~ As in 2015, I am donating the proceeds of opening my garden to the public under the NGS in memory of my dear husband, Bryan, who died of mesothelioma in January 2015 £506.39
Ena Green ~ in memory of her husband, Bryan Green £500.00
Kerry Greensmith ~ Donation £5.00
Marion Green ~ In memory of a former colleague, Keith Winton who sadly passed away in October 2017.  A true gentleman who will be missed £25.00
Stephen Greenwood ~ This is the annual donation from the Snaith District Darts and Dominoes League from the annual mixed darts pairs event held for Kath and Dennis Digby Trophy
Stephen Greenwood ~ Andy Hanks organised, Drax Power sponsored, Drax Sports and Social Club Hosted on Open Pairs Tournament on 31st January 2015 £165.00
Helen Gregory ~ In memory of Meg McSweeney, with love from Helen £20.00
Jimmy Grimshaw ~ Donation £200.00
Peter Grossett ~ In fond memory of Alan Cole
Lucie Guest ~ On behalf of my grandad, Merry Christmas £40.00
Binod Kumar Gurung ~ Heartfelt condolence to the late Mr Tejbahadur Gurung and his family. I would like to thank everyone who donated this amount of money which will go to fund Mesothelioma UK, so they help other people with the same condition £661.25

Nigel Hadden ~ Donations received at his father's funeral £135.00
Jonathan Haddock ~ In loving memory of Ian Penny from Jonathan and everyone at Essex Bootcamp £132.50
Mrs J E M Hadley - Donation
Rachael Hague ~ Donation made instead of sending Christmas cards this year 2017. A worthy charity £20.00
Fiona Hammick ~ Donation raised by the R19 Sailing Club belonging to Poole Yacht Club through a raffle held at Annual Dinner and Prize in memory of a member, Malcolm Irish, who recently died from Mesothelioma  £140.00
Vicky Hampson ~ Donation in memory of Mr S.  Taken too soon, 10 years ago.  Thinking of you and your family today, Vicki. Love Vicky, Cliff and Sam xx £35.00
Michelle Hankinson ~ Michelle School of Dance held a concert 'Remembering a Friend' in memory of Rachel Dodds
Andrew Philip Charles Hanks ~ In memory of a dear friend - Denis Digby £640.00
David Hanley ~ Donation £10.00
Kathryn Hansell ~ In memory of Alec Fraser....all love, Kit and Bill £50.00
Patricia Hardy ~ Every Little Helps, thinking of Paul Cook £100.00
Sharon Hardy ~ In loving memory of my wonderful stepdad Tony, who we lost to this incredibly cruel disease in August.  Forever in our hearts £20.00

Lesley Harper ~ Donation £50.00  
Katie Harrington ~ Donation £10.00
Sally Harris ~ In Memory of Chris Hogan, a lovely, lovely man and a brilliant sailor.  Also my father, Malcolm Nelson, another lovely, lovely man, who also died of mesothelioma £50.00
Mrs Tracey Harris ~ This is a donation with regards to the death of Mr Peter Collis £50.00

Gregory Harrison ~ Donation from an Honesty Box on the Bar at his wedding £600.00
Laura Harrison ~ Donation made in memory of my Dad who passed away from mesothelioma in October 2014.  His birthday was also on 15th December.  Decided to donate instead of sending Christmas cards to friends and family £30.00
Katie Harris ~ For Tim Stokes, inspirational loving man.  Keep going Tim £50.00
Louise Harrott ~ In loving memory of a special dad and work colleague, Denis Harrott.  Goodnight. All our love Louise, David and Michael, all the staff at Barton Villa and Dukinfield Metal Spinning £450.00
Andy Hart ~ In memory of my Father-in-law Eric £20.00 
Christine Hart ~ In loving memory of my Dad, Alan Hart and my Uncle, Peter Hart, love you both and miss you lots £15.00
James Haslam ~ Donation £50.00
 Ron Hasted ~ In memory of Judy Parker £50.00
 Peter & Margaret Hatherell ~ In fond Memory of a Dearest Friend £100.00 
Karen Hawkins ~ In  memory of her lovely Dad. Happy Birthday 8th December, miss you so much; just wanted you to know you are remembered every minute. Lots of love Karen xxx £30.00
Karen Hawkins ~ Donation in memory of William Brian Hawkins £20.00
Karen Hawkins ~ 5.12.15 ~ William Brian (Peter) Hawkins ~ "Thinking of you always, but especially today on your birthday. Miss you more than words can say, love always Maureen, Karen and Mark xxx £15.00
Karen Hawkins ~ 23/09/16 - In Memory of William Brian Hawkins.  "We miss you so much and cannot believe it has been two years.  You are always in our thoughts and loved so very much.  Maureen, Karen and Mark £30.00
Karen Jane Hawkins ~ Sponsor a Day starting 23/09/17 for William Brian (Peter) Hawkins.  In memory of a much loved and much missed husband and father.  You are constantly in our thoughts and still such an important part of our lives.  Love from Maureen, Karen and Mark £20.00
John Hayden ~ Donation £20.00
Keith Hayes ~ In memory of Geoff Thorndike, from Keith, Gillian, Catherine and Marianne £100.00
Vanessa Heaps ~ In memory of my lovely Dad who died in 2010 of
mesothelioma.  I would like to donate the money that at this time of year, I would usually spend on Christmas cards xx £50.00
Georgia Heathfield ~ In memory of Fay Chew £20.00

Bernadette Heffernan ~ Donation £10.00
Catherine Henderson ~ In loving memory of our Uncle Bobby (Robert Gurney).  Always missed and never forgotten. Margaret, John, Neil, Evelyn and Catherine xxx £100.00 
Louise Henderson ~ My father, Robert Henderson, recently passed away from this horrid disease, eight months after being diagnosed.  At his funeral we had a collection box for Mesothelioma UK as my dad wanted to help a many people he could with mesothelioma £240.00
Richard Henry ~ Donation £50.00
David Henderson ~ I recently sold a book relating to my hobby and, instead of re-cycling the proceeds within the hobby, decided to pass the proceeds to the Trust.  This small donation is in memory of my father and brother who both suffered and died from mesothelioma in 2009 £15.00
Penny Henshaw ~ In memory of Ronald Williams £25.00

Graham Herbert ~ In memory of my splendid cousin Brian Herbert a gentle man £50.00  
Susan Hetherington-Lee ~ In loving memory of Walt Kendall.  Donations given by Sharon Kendall, Michael Lee, Susan & Steven Lee, Jodie & Ryan Casey, James Kendall, Lee & Claire Murphy, Ben, Lee, Pat Quinn, Ste & Leanne, Richard Lee, Susan & David Anderton, Paul & Claire, Trish & Martin, Sandy & Rhyce, Sheila & Phil Timmins, Debbie Byron, Roy & Geraldine, Ethan, Lee, Matthew M £192.00
Fiona Hick ~ Donation made on behalf of her father, Murray Sillett's 79th Birthday (15.7.17).  He sadly died in November 2016 and is dearly missed.  Thanked Mesothelioma UK for all their incredible work £25.00
Fiona Hick ~ In memory of my lovely Dad, on the second Christmas (2017) without him xxx £25.00
Lynne Hickey ~ To help go to Research £25.00

Lynne Hickey ~ In memory of my lovely husband Richard Tuck who died on 16.11.16 £100.00
Sylvia Marie Higginson ~ In memory of George Billington, a very dear friend £25.00
Roger Rundell Hill ~ In memory of Martin Dodge Dunford £20.00 
Pat Hilsden ~ Donated by friends and family of Ron Hilsden, another victim of this horrible disease.  A wonderful Grandad, Father and Husband who is missed every day £335.00
Marie Hine ~ "This money was donated by friends and family in lieu of flowers at my father's funeral.  He passed away from mesothelioma on 27th May £130.35
Kevin Hind ~ I hope this helps a little. Donation £50.00

Derrick Hobson ~ A donation to a cause which has touched my family £10.00 
Colin Hodge ~ for Peter Cowie £10.00
Tracy Hodges ~ In memory of my later father, Bruce Butcher who recently passed away from Mesothelioma.  He was diagnosed 11 years ago and your charity has been a huge support.  Thank you £100.00
James Hodkin ~ To the best Dad and Grandad anyone could ask for, we will always remember the good times. Love James, Katie & Rhys £15.00

Lisa Hodgkinson ~ Donation for Sponsor a Day in memory of her love Dad, Geoff Underwood who's birthday would have been on the 8th December £30.00
Lisa Hodgkinson ~ In memory of Geoff Underwood, in lieu of sending Christmas cards. £25.00
Paul Hoggart ~ Donation £30.00
Jeremy Holden ~ In memory of my cousin, Veronica Janas £50.00 
Kate Holden ~ This donation is given in memory of John Parsons, from Saffron Striders Running Club, of which he was an active member for many years £100.00
Dr Les Holloway ~ Best wishes £50.00 
Ann & Les Hollowood ~ Donation received "Thank you to Liz Darlison & Lorraine Creech & all the supporting staff £100.00
Abigail Honeywell ~ Donation in memory of Owen Jennings £35.00
Susan Hookings ~ donations given to me for the passing of my husband, Dennis.  Hope all these donations will help get rid of this terrible disease £80.00
 Jonathon Hopkins ~ In Memory of Christopher Terry Hopkins £250.00 
Thomas A Horrobin ~ to Kate and Derek Elmore - Wishing you both have a very happy day on the occasion of the renewal of your wedding vows, Love Tom and Gwen £30.00

Claire Horton ~ In Memory of Neil Fisher £30.00 
Ben House ~ Donation £100.00

Charlotte House ~ We have our annual game dinner in the village pub The Swan at Swineford, lots of local shooting people cook dishes from the game season and let the people come and try game food in the pub for free.  We then ask for a donation for our chosen charity which was Mesothelioma this year.  Amount raised £230.00
Nathan House ~ In memory of Derek Powell £10.00
Kate Howard ~ In Memory of her mum, Babs Costello £535.00  
Stuart Howarth ~ In memory of his great friend, Paul Johnson, who passed away recently £100.00

Amy Howell ~ Donation £20.00
Richard Hoyle ~ In memory of my dear wife, Anne Beatrice Hoyle, who died of mesothelioma on 12.10.16 aged 65 £615.00
Alexandra Ruth Hughes ~ Donation £2.00
Margaret Hughes ~ I'm giving in memory of George Meyern, to help Mesothelioma UK support other sufferers and their families £25.00
Pat Hughes ~ Donation in loving memory of her husband, Ron £100.00
Sarah Hull ~ Me and my family are donating this money which was collected at my Dad's funeral and wake, as he suffered with mesothelioma £275.00
Kevin Richard Humble ~ Donation £20.00
Owen Hutchby ~ Donation for your efforts supporting my friends mother Sandie £20.00     

Julie Hutchinson ~ In memory of my husband Jonathan who died from mesothelioma in 2011 after an eight year struggle.  My love and good wishes go to all those who find themselves coping with this disease £50.00

Diane & Les Iles ~ In memory of our good friend, Judy Parker.  She was a lovely person and always thought of others.  She will be sadly missed and never forgotten  £50.00
ING Bank ~ In memory of Liz Sharp.  Our thoughts are with the Sharp family at this time.  Your friends at ING Bank London £200.00
Simon Mark Ingyon ~ Donation £25.00
Ros Ivison ~ I am donating this to Mesothelioma Research, as my Uncle died last month of this.  It was very sad to watch and he had cerebral complications from it, which we were told was very rare. Horrible disease. £50.00

Brian Norman Jackman ~ In memory of Percy Alright, who was always alright.  A very good friend and always (looked on the brighter side of life) and this was played at his funeral £50.00
Dominic Jackson ~ Donation £10.00 
Andrea Jamieson ~ funds raised by Olive and Sonny, selling homemade lemonade at school in memory of their Grandfather, Harry £20.50
Kalvinder Jandoo ~ Donation in memory of a member of staff who sadly passed away £45.00
 Donna Jarvis ~ I am donating in Memory of a beautiful friend, Miss Rachel Dodds... who is missed so much by all of her friends xxxx £30.00
Jefferies Solicitors Limited ~ Monies raised by the staff and firm from a bring and buy cake sale £84.00
Usha Jeffrey ~ In memory of Anil Kaura, my brother who died 27th May 2016 £50.00
Pauline Jeffs ~ In memory of Martin Gould a friend who will be sadly missed £50.00

Robert Glynderis Jenkins ~ In memory of a great rugby player and friend - John Wing RIP. £20.00
Joanne ~ In Loving memory of Denise Laurie £10.00       
Charles Johns ~ donation for a friend who recently passed away from mesothelioma, Bobby McDonald £20.00
Gemma Johnson ~ In memory of Billy Budd, taken far too soon by this horrible disease £25.00
Jane Johnson ~ In memory of Chris Hogan who fought so hard against this awful disease £50.00
Michael J Johnstone ~ donation from Cricket Match held 11th June 2017 £393.70
Kate Jolliffe ~ For my friend Felicity £10.00
Andrea Jones ~ Donation £20.00
Andrea Jones ~ Donation £30.00
Emyr Wyn Jones ~ In memory of our dear friend, Maureen Farrance who died of mesothelioma. From Emyr, Trish and all their family £100.00
Jane Jones ~ Donation in loving memory of Dave Batty, a dear friend £50.00
Joseph Jones & Phil Cairns ~ In memory of Ray Mathews - a lovely neighbour and talented man who was taken from us way too soon £50.00
Lynne Jones ~ Given in memory of Dave Taylor (Geordie) from Lynne, Ian, Josh, Sarah, & Craig £70.00
Nicola & Mark Jones ~ In memory of Matt's dad.  Our sincere condolences to the whole family. Best wishes xxx. £20.00
Peter J
ones ~ Donation in memory of Geoff Argyle and Derek Jones £150.00 
Stephen Joseph ~ Keep up the fantastic work! £82.00

JUNEJAs ~ in loving memory of Anal Kumar Kaura £100.00
Joanna Jupp ~ In memory of John Woffinden who is very much in our thoughts and prayers
Patricia Jupp ~ this is for my friend, Sylvia, who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, although she is not aware of having been in contact with asbestos.  This proves that anyone could develop it £25.00

Alan & Pat Kahl ~ We would like to make this donation in memory of our good friend Harry Stocks who passed away on the 1st August 2015 £20.00
Susan Kalsi ~ Donation made "Thank you for caring for a friend who has recently passed and supporting his family through this sad time" £20.00
Nadir Kardahji ~ Donation £20.00
Neil Keaveney ~ In loving memory of Pat Wicks - for such a good cause, I hope this small donation can help in any way
Chris Keep ~ Donation £20.00
Mrs R Kelland ~ Donation thanking Meso UK for the support they are giving to her brother and his family £100.00
Geraldine Kelly ~ Donation in memory of Liz Sharp £100.00
Grainne Kelly ~ In memory of a wonderful friend and colleague, Roger Bown, who died of Mesothelioma in February 2015 £25.00
Plunkett Kelly (Citi) ~ In loving memory of Thomas Devine, who passed away on 19th November and who was the father of a work colleague, Barry Devine.  Barry and family, you are in our thoughts and prayers at this time. Plunkett Kelly and Family £20.00
Diane Kelsall ~ Donation £30.00     

Rosemary Kempshall ~ In loving memory of a dear friend Philip Glen of Bath (late of Lacock) who died on 30th October 2016.  In affectionate remembrance £25.00
Bruce and Joan Kennett ~ In memory of Peter Bowdidge £20.00
Kenneth ~I recently lost a good friend to this silent deadly killer, how many more people will suffer from this before it can be dealt with? Peter Buckner you were a gent, one of the good guys in life, so sad it had to end this way £25.00
Vinod Kerai ~ on behalf of Total Systems £90.00
Marion Kersting ~ Donation "I am from USA. I live in Wisconsin and lost my Dad to Mesothelioma 10 months ago £40.00
Mrs Khalifey ~ Forever in our hearts 
John Kicernak ~ in memory of a colleague's father who passed away recently and the family has asked for donations to the charity rather than flowers £50.00

D J Kind ~ Donation for a friend Peter Jones £50.00
Andrew Kindleysides
 ~ £10.00
Bryony King ~ Donation £5.00
Jane King ~ At Design Base Ltd we held a Christmas Raffle in aid of Mesothelioma UK. A cause close to our hearts £100.00
Joy King ~ In memory of Ray Mathews £25.00

Julie King ~ In memory of a dear broher-in-law and uncle, Michael Kennedy. With love Ian, Julie and Family £50.00
Loretta King ~ Donation £10.00
Felicity Knell ~ We run a bingo lottery game at work and each winner gets to nominate a charity to donate a percentage of their winnings to.  This games winner was Chris Hill and he chose your charity £42.00
Mrs P Knibbs ~ In memory of Jim Knibbs £100.00
Sarah Knight ~ Donation for a very worthwhile cause £5.00

Thomas James Lally ~ As we continue to enjoy Riverfolk Ray, you will always be there in spirit.  Annamiek & Tom x £10.00
David Lamb ~ Donation for dear Auntie Barb. Gone but not forgotten. Love from Dave, Louisa, Jess and Ellie £100.00
Pamela Lamb ~ Well done Sue! £20.00
Linda Dawn Lambeth ~ At my late husband's funeral money was raised in his memory, his wish was that half should go to Mesothelioma UK and the other half the Hospice that looked after him until his passing.£277.00
Gary Lampard ~ Donation "This is as  result of a collection tin being in our Tile Shop in Buntingford, Hertfordshire £35.06
Sharon L'Amy ~ In memory of Eva Jones, Gaynor's beloved mother £50.00
Doreen Jennifer Langley - Father Brian Langley - You are loved beyond words and missed so much by all the family. Love from your Doreen, Sharon, Gary, Mark, Marie, Steve, Karen, Sarah, Andy and Grandchildren, Aidan, Jamie, Drew, Reece, Jessica, Liam, Evie and Jack £100.00
Doreen Langley ~ Donation "My Darling Husband Brian, it is 5 year since you left us and we all love and miss you more each day. Love from your everloving wife Doreen and all the family xxx £100.00

Doreen Langley ~ Sponsored a day 28.10.16 "Sweetheart, we all love and miss you so much.  You are always in our thoughts and in our Hearts.  All our love from your Doreen, Sharon, Gary, Mark, Marie, Steve, Karen, Sarah, Andy, Aidan, Jamie, Drew, Reece, Jessica, Liam, Evie and Jack £50.00
Marie Langley ~ Money raised by selling nail polishes £120.00
Janet Langner ~ This donation is in memory of Christopher Langner who died in March 2017 in Sheffield. Helena Stanley and colleagues were a big help to Chris and his family.  From Mum, Brother and Sister-in-Law £100.00
Tracy Lankenau ~ Donation £10.00
Robert Lark ~ In memory of the late Keith Perks from Denise and Robert Lark £50.00
Mark Larkin ~ In loving memory of Allan Victor Finch ~ wedding gift requested by the bride & groom for Ray Alredha & Sarah Street's wedding 2015 £250.00
Dianne Lawrence ~ This money was raised from a "Bake for Meso" coffee morning held on 16th December 2017 in memory of my mum, Brenda Coleman and as part of the funds being raised for Isle of Wight Challenge on 5th and 6th May 2018 £324.00
Sarah Laurie ~ Donation £10.00
Ian Lawson~ Donations raised by the Parents of Children at Caversham Preparatory School at the School Dance on 27th September in memory of Andrew Lawson, the younger brother of Ian Lawon the School Bursar £800.00  
Juliet Lawson ~ In Memory of Dr Andrew Lawson - Memorial Golf Competition 25/04/14 £300.00 
Gerard Leahy ~ Donation £20.00
Alison Leake ~ For those who have been affected by mesothelioma and to future treatments and cures £20.00
Susan Lee ~ In celebration of Frances Goodman's 80th birthday with love from Susan and Brian £80.00
Peter Clive Lees ~ This donation is in memory of my father who passed away October 2016 having been diagnosed with the disease in August 2016.  He became a victim due to a Royal Navy career spanning 30 years in which he was originally an engineer on various warships thereby coming into contact with asbestos.  Though he ended up as Fleet Chief Petty Officer later in his career, this was too late to avoid dying in this dreadful and unexpected way £5.00
Brian Lefty ~ with our love and best wishes on the Ruby Wedding Anniversary of our friends, Ian and Sylvia Murray.  Jan & Brian xx £100.00
Stephanie Legg ~ In loving Memory of my Wonderful Dad. My Christmas present to you.... Help other people who are going through this and their families xxx £20.00
Stephanie Legg ~ In memory of my lovely wonderful Dad, Chris Legg.  I think my Dad would be smiling from the sky above xx I may not be able to give my Dad a father's day present today..... but I hope I can help someone else going through this £20.00
Dr James Allen Leighs ~ Donation £50.00
Alexander Leighton ~ In memory of a friend sorely missed not forgotten £50.00 
Anthony Lerner ~ Good luck to all sufferers! x £11.00
Sydney Lerner ~ Donation made "Hope this Helps" £100.00

Victoria Leslie ~ In loving memory of John Bowyer - from all his friends and colleagues at Wood Group PSN - BP Focus Contract £500.00
J H Lever ~ A Donation in respect of Terence McCarthy who sadly died of this terrible condition £20.00
David Levey ~ In Memory of Tony Catley. A very kind, friendly and generous friend for almost 50 years.  His memory will live on.  Rosie Haynes and David Levey £50.00
Colin Michael Lewis ~ Dedicated to Gerald Baron - the fittest man in Medway £100.00
Margaret & David Lewis ~ In memory of Tony Catley £50.00
Philip Lewis ~ 1.12.15 ~ In memory of my Dad who passed away on 9th October 2015 due to Mesothelioma.  We love you dad.  You will always be with us.  Lots of love from Phil, Cat and William XXXXXXX £50.00
Roger Lilley ~ Best of luck to anyone affected by this and all causes of cancer £100.00
David Alexander Lindsay ~ Donation £50.00
David Alexander Lindsay ~ in memory of Ray Brookfield £50.00
Geoffrey Linton ~ From Julie and Geoff Linton in memory of Roy Waldram £20.00 
David Litherland ~ Stephen, Peter, David and Janice would like to offer great thanks for the donations made by friends and family.  Thank you for your support given to us on our mother's passing £210.00
Chris Litton ~ In loving memory of Judy Parker £25.00
Roger Litton ~ Please accept this donation in respect of my second cousin, Peter Bowdidge of Norfolk.  We had some good times and I am sad that he passed away from this pernicious illness £20.00
Claire Lockely ~ this money was raised by my 10 year old daughter Niamh and friends by selling loom bracelets at a local fete.  Niamh lost her wonderful Grandad (my lovely Dad) in 2012 to mesothelioma. we all miss him dearly and hope someday there will be a cure for this very deliberating cancer! It's not a massive donation, I wish it was but I am very proud of a group of 10 year olds £65.00
Elizabeth Lloyd ~ Following the sad passing of my husband David Lloyd who passed away earlier this month following a long and courageous battle with mesothelioma.  Please accept this donation from his friends and family, to put towards hopefully elimating this disease and to help others with their ongoing fight with mesothelioma £250.00
Ken Loates ~ In memory of Sarah Ann Cook, a very lovely lady x £50.00
Judi Lomas ~ In memory of Elizabeth "Liz" Sharp 8.10.1952 - 31.3.2017. With love from Judi and Bub £100.00
Jessica Longley ~ Extra monies raised from the London Marathon to help towards the cause £40.00    

Miss H Lott ~ In Memory of Mr Terry Lott £15.00
Martyn Lott ~ Donation £20.00
Martyn Lott ~ Donation £20.00
Martyn Lott ~ Time for remembering lost loved ones £30.00
Douglas Lovelock ~ In memoriam to Adrian Starr of Newcastle-upon-Tyne £25.00
Oliver Lovett ~ Donation £30.00
Sandra Lydon ~ In memory of Dinah's Dear Darling Dave with love. £5.00
Sarah Lowe ~ In loving memory of her dear Father. This will be the 4th year on Boxing Day without you Dad, you are loved and missed always from Jackie, Sarah, Joanne, Katy, Mark, Natalie, Amy, Millie, Eva, Aurika, Pearl, Pete, James, Ant, Tom and Pete £20.00
Stuart Lowe ~ Donation following Quiz Night £177.46
Mr Tom Lowery ~ Donation in memory of Richard Tuck £100.00
Bree Lucas ~ I've just lost my dad to meso.  He was a wonderful man & his loss is huge.  Hope our donation can help research, meso fighters & families like ours x £50.00
John Lyne ~ This donation is in memory of my Auntie Helen who died on the 29th June 2014 aged 75 years. I will miss the annual birthday and Christmas cards very much. My thoughts go to Craig, Karen and the rest of the family £50.00 


Anne MacDonald ~ in memory of her husband who passed away three years ago £100.00
Susannah Macmillan ~ Thinking of our darling Nannie Weets, missed so much everyday but especially at Christmas. Love The Macs xxx £20.00
Madeleine Maddocks ~ Heard about our charity through the local South West news broadcast.  All the best with research and palliative care £50.00
Carol Malcolm ~ In memory of my husband, Nigel Malcolm who passed away 2 years ago today (5.2.16) £50.00
John Malcolm ~ In Memory of Ivan Burns £25.00 

Clare Magner ~ Donation In Memory of Stephen Hide £10.00
Emma Malcolm ~ Donation £5.00
Robin Mangar ~ I do a donation in memory of John Wing who passed away of mesothelioma cancer!  My best wishes to his lovely wife, Everina and his children! Nathaliexx £10.00
Michael Mann ~ a small donation in support of the Lamb family £20.00
Jane Markesteyn ~ In memory of Alan £60.00
John Marshall ~ Donation £50.00
Mark Minchella ~ donation in memory of Mrs Jen Barnett £425.60

Jessica Marino ~ Sponsor a day in memory of Robert McDonald - in loving memory of Uncle Bobby £40.00
Roisin Marks ~ Donation £25.00
Alexandra Marsh ~ In memory of Judy Parker, my Godmother and a very good friend.  With love from us all £20.00
Frances Marsh ~ Donation £3.00 
Mrs F L Marsh ~ Donation £20.00
Susan Martin ~ Donation £20.00
David and Ann Mason ~ In memory of Tess Gully a lovely lady £20.00
Lee Mason ~ In loving memory of David Mason £15.00
Miss S Mason ~ donation raised for the Norfolk Coastal Walk £40.00
Nicholas Mayers ~ donation in memory of Mrs Jen Barnett £425.60
Susan Mayes ~ In memory of my wonderful Dad Robin Mayes, who died in 2007 of Mesothelioma. Happy Christmas Pops xx Susan and Stuart £10.00
Val McBlain ~ For Dad. Love and miss you xxx £25.00
Kathryn McCarthy ~ In loving memory of Roger Drew, a wonderful man and the best Grandad a boy could wish for, Jack will miss you so much but you will never be forgotten. Sending you much love Jack & Kathryn xxx £50.00 
Brian Paul McCormick ~ In memory of our friend Keith Tonks of Leicester Forest Photographic Society who died recently £25.00
Marion McCready ~ In memory of Terry McCready. Passed away 1st December 2014. Gone too soon. Miss you loads Dad xxx £100.00
Stephen McCready ~ In memory of Terry McCready from Stephen, Tess Katie & Eddie xx £20.00
Martin James McGlone ~ This donation is in memory of Martin McGlone who died recently.  Remembrance service today 17th February 2017 at St Michael and All Angels Church SE3 £30.00
Alan McKenna ~ Donation £10.00
Donald McKernan ~ in memory of his father £5.00
John McLauchlan ~ In memory of my friend and colleague, Prof Richard Elliott who sadly passed away from diagnosis with mesothelioma

Julie McLaughlin ~ Donation from Joan, Richard & Gill, Julie & Rod in memory of Sheila Wilcox £25.00
Linda McLaughlin ~ In loving memory of Roy Jones - he will be sadly missed by all the family in Australia £100.00
Celia McLean ~ "You gave my mum some wonderful advice and help when she needed it the most.  My dad died of mesothelioma in June and you were really helpful. Many thanks, Celia". £25.00
Maureen McLuckie ~ My sister has just died from this dreadful disease.  I would very much like to see a cure found for those who are still suffering and those who are still to be diagnosed in the future £30.00
Caroline McMillan ~ This donation was the result of a bucket collection in our office, requested by my colleague Anne Mahar £380.42
Alison McNeeney ~ Donation raised from The Oxford Quiz Nights in memory of Dave Harrison and John Frain.  Two great gentlemen sadly missed at The Oxford £667.45
Catherine Melia ~ Donation £15.00
Paul Meyern ~ We sadly lost our Dad, Husband and Grandfather, George Meyern on 25th March 2017 after his four year battle.  He will be forever missed.  This donation was kindly given by friends and family at his funeral.  Hopefully this can make a positive difference to the lives of others who are fighting this dreadful disease £320.00
Thomas Michael ~ Donation £20.00 
Kerry Michelle Millard ~ Donation in memory of the late Geoffrey Millard who passed away on 14th July2017.  Dearly loved and missed by all his family and friends.  Forever in our hearts.  Rest in Peace Dad and God bless. K, A & C £115.00
Nikki Miller ~ Donation £50.00
George Miller ~ In memory of Syd Hurst, father of Amanda King and grandfather to Alex King £20.00
Sandra Miller ~ In memory of Sydney Hurst, a lovely man with a memorable smile £20.00
Eileen Mills ~ Kind donations for my husband the late Mr George Mills from his sister Sylvie, Niece Annette & Steve Goodin & friends Basil & Mary £80.00 
Ken Mills ~ For Sid "Mick" sorry I could not get to see you before you left us £25.00
Gerald Minall ~ A thank you to my brother, Fred Minall £100.00
Stuart Minchin ~ In memory of Kurt Bechtel. Sadly passed on 18th April 2016. Never forgotten and such a character £40.00
Ann Mitchell ~ In memory of Elaine Enstone RIP £20.00
Mark Mitchell & Natasha Hughes ~ In memory of Peter Lee of Down Hatherley, Cheltenham £50.00
Sarah Mitchell ~ In memory of Peter Ashton, much loved friend and colleague, from all who had the pleasure of knowing him at Royal Mail Sorting Office Todmorden £60.00
Pamela Molyneux ~ In Memory of Jack Burgess, the father of my best friend who unknowingly contracted the disease 60 years before he lost his life to it. A very brave man who requested that his body was then donated to Manchester University for research purposes. Rest In Peace £20.00 
David Monks ~ Donation in memory of Robert Grimes £10.00
Helen Moore ~ A small donation to help others who may be in the same position as me (after losing my mother) £20.00
Melissa Morgan ~ In memory of her father, Charlie Henry Morgan who sadly passed away on 13th April 2014.  Will be sorely missed on my up and coming wedding day.  Always thinking of you, Lots of Love Melissa £100.00
Gerald Morris ~ Donation £500.00  
Jill & Balfour Morris ~ In loving memory of our cousin and friend, Brian McIvor.  There are no words to express our sorrow.  £50.00 

Mr Gary S Mond ~ Donation Friend of a friend Clive Dutton £49.95
Lesley Moran ~ In lieu of Christmas cards this year to suppport a worthwhile charity £20.00 
Jillian Morrison ~ Donation £5.00
Julia Moulton ~ Donation £10.00
Tricia Moylan ~ Donation to John & Anne, Merry Christmas! Love from Tricia, James, Louise & Andrew x £50.00
Paul Mullaly ~ Donation £20.00 
Brian Murray ~ In memory of Alan Carlaw £100.00
Sylvia Marilyn Murray ~ "You're helping me cope with mesothelioma and I'm very grateful" £50.00

Raymond Neal ~ A donation made at the request of Pam Smethurst on her 80th birthday £50.00 
Pauline Nelson ~ This is to support my sister, Lorraine Creech for walking up Snowdon £25.00
Helen New ~ Donation £25.00 
Adrian Nice ~ Donation £300.00
Antonis & Nadoulla Nicolaou ~ In Memory of Neil Fisher £30.00 
Nicolas ~ Donation wishing us Merry Christmas £20.00
Nicos & Lena Nicolaou ~ In Memory of Neil Fisher £30.00 
Stephanos & Vasilia Nicolaou ~ In Memory of Neil Fisher £30.00 
Robert, Sally & Colin Nicholson ~ in memory of our Uncle & Brother-in-law, Peter Lancaster £40.00
Miss J L Nickson ~ Donations from granddad's funeral £258.45
Paul Norris ~ In memory of our friend, John Wing £100.00 
Laurie Norton ~ In memory of Uncle Colin Harper, who we miss and love dearly. Laurie & Ricky xx £20.00

Joanna Odell ~ In Memory of my cousin Marian McDougal £10.00
Jane Officer ~ In Memory of Trevor Davies 1953-2014. A truly lovely man and friend £25.00
Oliver & Co Solicitors ~ The Industrial Disease Team at Oliver & Co Solicitors work very closely with clients suffering from mesothelioma. As a firm, they are always keen to raise money to help fund the continued support of Mesothelioma UK.  This donation is thanks to a dress down day and cake sale held at their offices in July £152.00
James Olner ~ I don't send Christmas cards so I'm making a donation instead.  My grandad lost his life to mesothelioma so as a family we have firsthand experience of this horrible disease. £25.00
Jayne Olner ~ In memory of Max Surman, a donation instead of sending Christmas cards, from his wife Iris and daughter Jayne £20.00
Omar Park Homes ~ In memory of Lindsey Prentice - from your many friends at Omar Park Homes £250.00
Ryan O'Neill ~ Donation £25.00
Vicky Onslow ~ Donation £10.00 
Robert Osborne ~ In memory of Martin who recently passed away £50.00
Stephen Overton ~ Donation £10.00 

Natalie Pace ~ In Memory of Michael Peploe and Colin Chambers £30.00
Andrew R A Page ~ In Memory of Richard Hill £25.00
June Page & Zena Popple ~ In memory of my husband, Ron.  Ron passed away 14 months ago just eight months after being diagnosed with mesothelioma £20 from Zena £80 from June
Mrs J E Panter ~ requested donation go towards Research £5,000.00
Juliet Parker ~ Donation £25.00
Karen Parker ~ For my dear Uncles Terry and Sid Freshey.  Gone but never forgotten. £30.00
Robert Parker ~ Remembering our dear Brother, Tommy Parker, taken by this awful disease aged 58 years. Our first Christmas without you will be so hard.  We are left with a huge void in our hearts that can never be filled.  Love Rob, Barb, Peter, Will & Jonny xxxx YNWA  £25.00 
Neil Parkin ~ To the best Husband, Dad and Gaga (Malcolm Parkin) Always remembered and never forgotten. Love you xx £15.00
Lisa Parr ~ Donation £100.00
Kelly Parsons-Davies ~ After holding a Dance Showcase at my school KP's Nuts About Dance in Gloucester, raising money for Mesothelioma (which I lost my lovely Dad to in November 2012) - donation raised for Mesothelioma Research £600.00
Hiraal Patel ~ Donation in honour of my dad who died from this awful disease £15.00
Hiraal Patel ~ Donation December 2016 £10.00
Radhika Patel ~ In memory of my amazing Dad and to help those suffering from this illness £51.00
Anna Payne ~ To help support the amazing work you do and in honour of my sister-in-law, Mags Portman, an inspiration to us all.  Love Anna, Andy, George & Elliot xxx £25.00
Kylie Paxton ~ Donation £30.00  
Christine Peacock ~ This donation was given in memory of my late husband Ivor Peacock, who sadly passed away on 27th November 2014. Ivor would have been glad to know that through the kindness and generosity of his family and friends some help will be given to research this terrible disease £102.00
Rachel Pepa ~ Donation
Karen Patchett ~ donation £10.00
Tom & Lyndsey Penny ~ In loving memory of Ian Penny, we are donating £100.00 in lieu of a traditional wedding favour.
Kirstin Pettet ~ In support of her dear Dad. Since my Dad got diagnosed life has not been the same, hope a difference can be made £5.00
Carrie Phillips ~ Another Christmas without you Dad.  This year there is an addition to our family, your granddaughter, Jasmine.  Merry Christmas Dad, we'll have one for your.  Cheers £20.00 
Carrie Phillips ~ Donation for Christmas in memory of her Dad, David Stewart who passed away 2012 £20.00
David Philpott ~ In memory of Archie Wilson who died recently. £25.00
Angela Pickering ~ Donation £20.00
Sharon Pickering ~ In memory of Phil Taylor £30.00
Lynne Pickford ~ Donation £20.00
Hazel Pike ~ In Memory of my Father, Maurice William MacDonald £20.00
Hazel Pike ~ Dec 2015 ~ In memory of my father Maurice Macdonald £30.00
Hazel Pike - December 2017 in memory of Maurice Macdonald £20.00
Vanessa Pilgerstorfer ~ In loving memory of Anil Kaura, with gratitude for all the fun times shared £100.00
Martin Platts ~ Donation £40.00
PMN Law ~ Donation
Rita Polly ~ Daughter has a craft shop and collected donation totalling £30.00
Alison Poole ~ In Memory of Terry McCarthy, who was an important part of our family and will always be missed. Love from Andrew, Alison, Adam and Margaret and Billy xxx £50.00  
Kenny Poole ~ In memory of Alan Cooper £20.00
Tracy Poole ~ In memory of Mike Clifford £15.00
David & Janet Potter ~ In extremely fond memory of Rodney Mason.  One of the good guys who will be sadly missed by all who knew him £50.00
Andrea Povah ~ My father died from this awful disease in 1999. I was only a young teenager at the time. Now i want to help others with this disease as much as I can £10.00
Sharon Powell ~ Donation £300.00
Lorraine Power ~ Donation ~ £50.00
Yvonne Preest ~ Donation in memory of her friend, Liz Sharp £15.00
Hendrick Pretorius ~ On behalf of Andy & Kelly. Love & best wishes for the future xx £40.00
Elaine & Robin Price ~ In memory of Joan Barrow, their dear friend and neighbour £40.00          
Abby Prince ~ Donation £110.00         
Naomi Proctor ~ Donation £20.00
Phyllis Prowle ~ In Memory of Alan James Hole £10.00
Helen Prudames ~ I'm not sending Christmas cards this year, instead I am donating in memory of my Dad. Miss you more and more each year xxx £10.00
Simon Purves ~ Donation In Memory of Dr Andrew Lawson  £5,000 
Simon Purves ~ Proceeds from Dr Lawson Memorial Golf Day £700.00 
Simon Purves ~ Donation Dr Andrew Lawson Memorial Golf Day £50.00 
Simon Purves ~ In memory of Dr Andrew Lawson, part proceeds of the Annual Golf Day. £500.00
Simon Purves ~ In Memory of Dr Andrew Lawson, part proceeds of the Annual Golf Day. £1,030.00
Simon Purves ~ Further proceeds from Dr Andrew Lawson Memorial Golf Day £200.00
Simon Purves ~ Annual Golf Day in memory of Dr Andrew Lawson £2,350.00
Simon Purves ~ From the 4th Annual Golf Day 2017 in memory of Dr Andrew Lawson.  Still remembered with love by his friends £2,000.00
Oliver Purvis ~ An extremely worthy yet underfunded charity £5.00 


Tom Quegan ~ Donation £50.00

Sandra Rafferty ~ Donation £20.00
Sophie Rainer ~ Donation £10.00 
Nicholas Ralph ~ Donation £30.00
Michael Ramsden ~ Donation £25.00
Audrey Randall ~ Dear Beryl, I hope that this donation goes to help people like you who have suffered but are now hopefully at peace.  All my love Audrey £20.00
Paul Rands ~ In memory of Don Norton £20.00 
Amit Rawal ~ In loving memory of Anal Kaura £100.00
Sundeep Rawal ~ In loving memory of Anal Kumar Kaura.  You will always be a second father and always be missed....£100.00
Mary Rawlinson ~ My deepest sympathy to you all.  Judy was a lovely lady, always cheerful and kind.  She will be deeply missed, I am sure £10.00
Melissa Read ~ Donation £12.00
Cerise Reed ~ In memory of Uncle Bob, for Aunty Vanessa's 60th birthday £15.00
Deborah Reynolds ~ Sponsor a Day 27th June 2017 for Keiran Patrick Mallen who is so sadly missed by all the family.  Taken at the age of 43 by mesothelioma.  Words cannot express the pain they all feel. Love forever xxx £25.00
S Rhodes ~ donation made from son's wedding £100.00
Trevor Rhodes ~ This donation is in respect of the loss of a wonderful man, our dear friend, David Harrison, of Rochdale who recently died of mesothelioma £40.00
Mark Rich ~ Donation is in memory of Fay Chew who so sadly passed away recently £25.00
Andrew Richardson ~ For Dad £30.00 
Angela Richardson ~ Donated instead of buying Christmas cards.  Lost my beloved father to this dreadful disease x £5.00
Gerald Rickard ~ My father died of this disease in 1978, sadly my Father-in-law also succumbed to it in November 2014 £50.00
Gerald & Christine Rickard ~ Donation in memory of both our Fathers who died as a result of this disease £50.00
Gerald & Christine Rickard ~ In memory of both of our fathers who died as a result of this disease (Oct 2016) £200.00
Lilian Robertson ~ My husband, John Robertson died from Mesothelioma on the 21st January having been diagnosed on the 17th September 2014.
Deborah Roberts ~ In memory of Anne Hoyle £80.00
Emma Robinson ~ In memory of my Dad, gone but not forgotten xxx with love Emma x
Jane Robinson ~ In support of a family member who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma £10.00 
Jane Robinson ~ March 2016 ~ donation £10.00
Sean Rock ~ I am making this donation in memory of Robert Heap who died in 2014.  Robert was a great music enthusiast and I am fortunate that his widow, Wendy, has given me some of Robert's music collection £50.00
Rocklands Community Shop ~ Donation raised by volunteers in Rocklands Community Shop on a 100 mile cycle ride, to remember a true gentleman of the village, Richard Smedley £300.00
Yvonne Roebuck ~ In memory of Elaine Enstone gone but never forgotten. With love all the Roebucks £60.00
Linda Rogers ~ In Loving memory of my husband, Arthur Rogers who passed away 13th December 2010 after a courageous fight with mesothelioma xx  £100.00
Magdalen Rogers ~ Donation made in lieu of sending Christmas cards.  Her mum diagnosed recently £45.00
Janice Rosano ~ in Memory of Tess Gully £25.00
Nicola Rose ~ in memory of Thomas Rose £20.00
Catherine Elizabeth Ross ~ donation £75.00
Hannah Rowden ~ Donation £3.00
Emma Rowe ~ My friend's dad has recently been diagnosed with Mesothelioma and the prognosis isn't too good. I'm running the Race for Life for Cancer Research UK on Sunday but I wanted to give something towards Mesothelioma specifically.  I hope this helps. £25.00
Sarah Rowley ~ Donation £100.00
Sharon Rowse ~ In Memory of my Father who died in December 2013 £20.00 
Sharon Louise Rowse ~ My Dad passed away two years ago from this dreadful disease and rather than spend money on sending out Xmas cards, I am making a donation instead £25.00
Sharon Rowse ~ In memory of my Dad, cruelly taken by this disease three years ago £25.00
Sharon Rowse ~ In memory of my father, cruelly taken by this disease on 15th December 2013 £25.00
Ruparelia Family ~ Donated by family and friends in the loving memory of Arvind Ruparelia following his short but incredibly brave battle with this illness £1,400.00
Hendrik Rupp ~ Donation £20.00 
Laura Russell ~ Given in memory of a dear friend Sue McCarthey/Davies who died from mesothelioma 31/03/14 £50.00 
Michelle Russell ~ Instead of sending Christmas cards this year I am donating to Mesothelioma UK Trust as my dad sadly died from mesothelioma on the 17th December 2015 £20.00
Rebecca Rutterford ~ Donation £5.00 
Annette Ryan ~ In Memory of Neil Fisher who sadly passed away on 14th March 2014. Fondest memories for a very special kind man who will be very sadly missed by all those who knew him £10.00 

Raymond Sale ~ This donation is in memory of Graham Hare who died recently from asbestos related lung cancer.  He was exposed to danger when an apprentice some 50 years ago.  His wife Evelyn and children Kelly and Graham preferred this tribute instead of flowers.  Jean and Ray Sale and family £40.00
Jon & Donna Salkeld ~ In Memory of Len McGill, who died Wednesday 23rd April 2014. A much loved uncle £50.00 
Karen Salter ~ I am donating in memory of my dear dad, Barrie, who died of mesothelioma in 1988 at the age of 40.  Also, his older brother, my dear Uncle Tony who died of the same disease on 22nd December 2011.  I hope this donation helps other individuals and their families who are affected by this nasty, relentless disease.  Always so tight in our hearts xxx   £20.00
Sandy Conservative Club ~ Scott McCandles ran the "Sandy 10" Race £230.00 Sandy Conservative Club held a poker tournament and raised £265.00  Maxine & Tony Robson held a raffle & raised £145.00 ~ in memory of Gary White
Sandstar Communications ~ Muffins (and other sweet treats!) for Meso at DOCK in Leicester £80.80
Nikhil Sarma ~ Donation £101.00
Mark Satchell ~ I am donating in memory of Martin Gould who died recently.  We worked together in the health service in Portsmouth during the early 1980's but have maintained an awareness through the NHS over the past thirty years.  He was a fun loving person who will be missed by Brenda and his other family and friends £15.00
Kirsty Saunders ~ As requested by Elaine Perry £10.00
Clare Savage ~ Instead of sending Christmas Cards this year I will be donating to a cause that has effected our family this year with the loss of my uncle who is very much missed but especially at Christmas Xx £20.00
Kelly Scarlett ~ Christmas card money Re: David J Anderson £20.00
Kelly Scarlett ~ 18.12.15 ~ In memory of my Dad, David Anderson £20.00
Kelly Scarlett ~ 15.12.16 ~ Christmas card money in memory of my Dad, David John Anderson £20.00
Kelly Scarlett ~ 19.12.17 ~ In memory of my Dad, David Anderson who is dearly missed £20.00
Gemma Scarrow ~ My Cousin has asked me to donate to this charity instead of a birthday gift, as his dad has this terrible and awful disease £20.00
Lesley Scarrow ~ A donation instead of a birthday gift for our son, Martin, at his request.  His Dad has been diagnosed with this dreadful illness.  Hopefully this small donation will help £50.00
Martin Scarrow ~ My Pops has got this horrible illness.  Hopefully this donation will go a little way to helping find a cure and also supporting him and others with this illness £50.00
Robbie Scarrow ~ Donation £20.00
Val Scarrow ~ My nephew has asked for donations for this charity instead of gifts for his birthday.  His dad has this terrible disease.  Hopefully these donations will go some way into the research of this particular cancer £30.00
Robert Henry Screen ~ In memory of Chris Edgerley of Little Leigh £20.00
Debbie Seaman ~ In memory of the best Dad anyone could have, Colin Knight xxxx £10.00
Deborah Seaman ~ For my wonderful dad, Colin Knight.  Another Christmas without you.  We all miss you and think about you every day xxxxx £15.00
Abigail Searle ~ Donation £50.00
Joanne Claire Seddon ~ Donation £100.00
Jo Seddon ~ My father passed away from mesothelioma in April.  This year we have decided to donate the money we would normally spend on Christmas gifts within the family to the charity.  Thank you again for your help and support throughout my Dad's battle with this terrible cancer £650.00
Jo Seddon ~ Another Christmas (2017) without you Dad.  Giving money from our family instead of Christmas presents again this year £550.00
Lucy Shakespeare ~ In memory of Judy Parker £10.00
Andri Shalou ~ In Memory of Neil Fisher £30.00
Kewal Sharma ~ In memory of Anal Kumar Gaura £25.00
Manoj Sharma ~ In memory of our dear friend, Anal Kumar Kaura £50.00
Trevor Sharples ~ Donation from the committee members of the Berrynarbor Community Enterprise £60.00
David Shaw ~ Donation £30.00
Kaveh Sheibani ~ A small gesture in memory of the mother of Miss Jo Ebner, Ann, who recently passed away from mesothelioma £80.00
Clifford & Hazel Shirley ~ A very good friend of ours, Judy Parker, died of mesothelioma just over two weeks ago and this donation is in her memory £30.00
Rebecca Shirley ~ In fond memory of Judy Parker £20.00
Albert Edward Short ~ May perpetual light shine on Fred and may he have eternal rest and peace £10.00
Nicholas Shrubshall ~ Towards the memory of a fine seaman and family colleague £50.00
Mr D Sibley ~ for Jan Sibley. Many thanks for the "Surgery Girls" for their kind gesture in memory of Jan (our very own lovely lady).  She loved her 10 years working at the Surgery.  She is sorely missed and always will be.  Dave & Family £100.00
Margaret Sillett ~ in fond memory of her husband, Murray Sillett, always loved and remembered xx £25.00
Mrs F D Simpson ~ Donation £30.00
Jane Simmons ~ Here's my donation in thanks for everything you do £35.00
David Simmonds ~ Donation in fond memory of a unique man, Rodney Mason £50.00
Michael Sinski ~ Donation £14.50
Lucy Skelton ~ Donation £5.00
Jeanne Skidmore ~ In Memory of Andrew McNab who passed away in August from mesothelioma. Love and missed by his family X £100.00
Peter & Paula Slade ~ Donation in memory of my father John Alan Bentley we are sending a donation on behalf of Spencer Lodge No 8773 Burton Road, Littleover, Derby. We held a Hollywood Oscar themed Ladies Evening in May 2015 £600.00
D W Slater ~ In memory of Gareth Scott Jones £20.00
Judith Smalley ~ Donation £25.00
Victoria Smedley ~ My husband died from mesothelioma in February of this year.  Our local cricket and football teams organised a cricket match in his memory and raised donations totalling £250.00
Victoria Smedley ~ A beautiful cake was auctioned at our village street party for the Queen's Birthday.  The money raised was divided between the three charities our village supports £10.00
Andrew & Leeann Smith ~ Happy Christmas, keep up the great work you're doing x £40.00
Catherine Smith ~ Donation £50.00
Dominic Smith ~ On behalf of the team from our Liverpool and Manchester Offices, funds raised for the belated Action Mesothelioma Day 2016 £82.50
Helen Smith ~ My brother was diagnosed with mesothelioma in February 2015.  Recently I had a work charity dress down day to raise funds for this cause so close to my heart. Overwhelmed by the response from work.  Hope this helps towards finding a cure.  With love Helen £160.00
Janine Smith ~ Donation £10.00 
Jayne Smith ~ I am making this donation instead of sending Christmas cards this year.  My partner was diagnosed with mesothelioma in March 2017 £100.00
Joan Smith ~ Funeral donations in memory of her lovely husband £115.00
John Percy Smith ~ Thanking Mesothelioma UK for their help and advice £100.00
Julie Marie Smith ~ For my Dad Bob Wennington who passed in March 2015 from mesothelioma. We had a raffle at our family BBQ xx £50.00
Nicola Smith ~ donation in memory of Mrs Jen Barnett £425.60
Simon Smith ~ Donation £100.00
Sue Smith ~ Donations made in memory of the late Colin Smith £687.50
Susan Smith ~ In Memory of my husband Graham Alan smith who died in 2007 of this terrible disease. I am making this donation instead of sending greetings cards of any time as I cant bear to write just one name on it. £20.00 
Snaith Darts & Dominoes League Association - The annual mixed Darts competition in memory of Denis Digby held at the Bell and Crown in Snaith raised the sum of £200.  Thanks to Kath Digby and Andy Hanks for organising this prestigious event.  £200.00
Snaith Darts & Dominoes League ~ annual mixed pairs darts knockout in memory of Denis Digby was held on 28th December 2017 at the Bell & Crown, Snaith.  An excellent evening with darts played in the right spirit resulted in a win for Dave Leake and his wife Marie.  Raised £170.00
Miss C I Southway ~ Donation £10.00
Clair Spackman ~ In memory of Barry Tripp taken too soon on 11.01.12 £5.00 
Mark Spackman ~ Hope this goes some way to treating and curing this disease £10.00 
Victoria Spearpoint ~ Donation is on behalf of our dear friend Laura Restelli-McCoy on the recent loss of her father.  Altruistic to the end, the family wished for donations to Mesothelioma UK on his behalf.  This was a disease that also took the life of my father £30.00
Julie Spikings ~ Sponsor a Day donation 21st January 2016 ~ This would have been my dear Dad's 75th birthday, lost to mesothelioma four years ago.  Miss him every day.  So this is a birthday present to help find treatment for this terrible disease xxx £30.00
Mikaela Spiteri ~ Donation £10.00 
Timothy Spring ~ in fond memory of Jim Bowie £30.00
Candice Staines ~ In memory of Bob.  Hope this helps towards finding a cure. Love Candice & Paul £40.00
David Staley ~ Instead of sending Christmas cards we have decided to donate towards Mesothelioma UK £100.00
Jayne Standish ~ In Memory of Sandra Jacobs £15.00
Louise Staples ~ In Memory of Clifford Mallard £25.00 
Katie Ann Starkey ~ Donation £2.00 
Sharon Starkey ~ Donation £10.00 
Margaret Starkey ~ I would like to make a donation in memory of my uncle, George Whittaker £10.00
Adrian Starr ~ The ladies of the Beverley Lawn Tennis Club organised a sponsored walk along the Whitley Bay coastline and raised this amount with donations also from those who couldn't go £230.00
Ben Starr ~ Donation £60.00
Jennifer Starr ~ Merry Christmas Grampa, this is in your memory £20.00
Leonard Starr ~ This money was collected at my 60th Birthday Party in memory of my father who died in July this year. He fought bravely against this horrible disease and should have been here to help me celebrate. I hope this plays some part in helping the fight for a cure and that others may benefit in the future £200.00
Edgar and Mary Stearn ~ In Loving Memory of Alan £50.00 
Neil Steed ~ in memory of Kenneth Schafer. From Linda & Neil Steed £25.00
Linzi Steele ~ donation on behalf of Alastair Borland from colleagues at Energy Networks in Kirkintilloch £30.00 
Carrie Stewart ~ In loving memory of my beautiful, amazing and courageous Dad on another Christmas without you. I think about you everyday with fond memories. You were my Bessie Mate and I miss you so much. Always in my heart. Hope you are having a Merry Christmas up there with a Stella in hand, cheers:) love always, DDD xxx £25.00
Carrianne Stewart ~ "Sponsor a Day 1/01/16 - 2/01/16" ~ Another Christmas without you Dad, only this year you are together again with mam.  Miss you every day.  Love you forever, DDD X £25.00
Michael Stewart ~ in loving memory of Duncan Stewart £50.00
Nigel Stockdale ~ Thank you for all you are doing to raise awareness and to support the victims and families of this dreadful disease £50.00 
Courtney Stone ~ Donation £5.00
Michael Stone ~ Ray will fondly be remembered £50.00
Janine St-Pierre ~ In loving memory of Gary Rickard. A lovely man whose presence will be greatly missed xx£30.00
Ray Stringer ~ In remembrance of Albert Southwell from his team mates at City of Plymouth B.C. £20.00
Mark Sturgess ~ Rather than an ALS Challenge I'm donating to something close to my own family £25.00 
Scot Sutherland ~ collected in memory of his Dad £50.00
Mrs V C Swain ~ Donation for Charity Night at Prestwich Liberal Club £781.00
Julia Swan ~ In memory of Veronica Janas £30.00
Jennifer Sweeney ~ Donation £10.00 
Irene Sweetman ~ For Steve and Jo £20.00
Alison Jane Swiggs ~ In memory of my loving Dad £50.00
Nick Sullivan ~ In memory of my nutty cousin, Peter Bowdidge, who died too soon.  Peter had many years ahead of him until his life was cut short by mesothelioma.  I hope one day that a cure is found, as I wouldn't wish this on anyone.  Peter is now a "spirit in the sky", a song associated with us all as a family.  Brings back good memories £50.00
Hannah Ruth Surdifield ~ Donation £10.00 
Ian Sutcliffe ~ Donation following Arron Sutcliffe's Ben Nevis sponsored climb £320.00
Julia Sutor ~ Donation £80.00
Philip Sutton ~ Donation £100.00
David John Symonds ~ A friend of mine, Christian Hulme recently carried out a parachute jump from Ellough Airfield in aid of your charity. The donation is a belated contribution for his fine effort £10.00 

TABS Creative Services Ltd ~ Donation with reference to Kevin Pavelin, as referred by Tom Phelan £1,000.00
Alex Talbot ~ Donation £5.00 
Mrs C L Talbot ~ In memory of Graham Walter Ward £333.50
Loes Tam ~ Donation to support the work of Mesothelioma UK in memory of Peter Buckner £200.00
Felicity Tann ~ I am not sending Christmas Cards this year, instead would like to give you the cost of cards and postage.  My Dad was diagnosed with Pleural Mesothelioma in September £25.00
Felicity Tann ~ My Dad is still bravely battling this cruel, cruel disease, a small contribution but hopefully it may help towards one day finding a cure.  For my brave amazing Dad xxx £25.00
Matt Tate ~ Donation £15.05
Leah Taylor ~ Donation Muffins for Meso in May £55.70
Maxine Taylor ~ Donation raised by some RAF SAOC staff and trainees and USAF airmen. Excellent joint effort raising £420.00
Rose & Ashley Teagle ~ Love to Keith and Cathy on their wedding day, who have chosen this charity to support xx £15.00
Teresa Teeluck ~ Donation £20.00
Shirley Teece ~ In memory of Jim Bowie of Twickenham, Middlesex. Loving husband, father and grandfather.  I worked with Jim at Thames Television at Teddington.  As manager of LIght Entertainment Department, he was great to work with, knowledgeable, kind-hearted and fair.  In the last few years I and another work colleague Tony Parker, a Producer/Director regularly met Jim in Covent Garden for lunch and reminiscence of the Gold Age of Television of which we were all a part.  He will be greatly missed. £20.00
Mandy Thacker ~ In memory of Ron Hudson.  A lovely man and true friend to my late father.  We're sure you're both catching that SOS bus together now. Much Love Mandy Thacker and family £20.00
Darren Thomas ~ My Dad was the most amazing, intelligent, bravest, strongest man I've ever known, I was proud to be his son £20.00 
Rachel Thomas ~ Donation £50.00
Anita Thompson ~ Donation £5.00
Claire Thompson ~ Donation £47.50
Janet Thompson ~ Donation £20.00 
Janet Thompson ~ 5.2.18 donation £25.00
Rita and John Thompson ~ In memory of Jim Darbyshire £20.00
David Thorne ~ In memory of David Clarkson on behalf of the 51 Squadron Association £50.00
Libby Thorpe ~ In memory of a dear friend, Gary White.  We held a Poker Tournament and Raffle at his local, Sandy Conservative Club.  Friends and members gathered to raise the funds and remember him on his birthday £294.25
Jacqueline Thurgood ~ donation for Mick £10.00
Christina Thurston ~ Donation £25.00
Dena Tickner ~ In memory of Stephen Hoadley. Thanks for all the lifts to and from town on a Friday night! £20.00
Tracey Lindsay Rowe Todd ~ My wishes and thoughts go out to you all at this time.  I will light my candle for Robert Anthony Steel whose smile will be remembered forever in your hearts £20.00

Nicola Toomey ~ For Alex's Dad X £5.00
Lindsay Towler ~ On behalf of Toltec EU £20.00
Angela Toy ~ Donation in support of the good work done by Mesothelioma UK and the continuing research and support to all those affected £50.00
Alex Treble ~ in memory of Peter £50.00
Caroline Treece ~ Donation £10.00
Pat Trevis ~ In loving memory of John Trevis, who sadly passed away 14th March 2015.  Missed by all xx £234.00
Tri-borough Fostering and Adoption ~ a gift from Tri-borough fostering department in memory of Robbie Williams from Clacton-on-Sea £50.00
Samantha Trotter ~ £70.00
Ian Turnbull ~ Donation £10.00

Susan van Maanen ~ Donation £30.00
Laura Varty-Lindsay ~ with thanks £17.50

Sharon D Vealey ~ Donation for Wristband £2.00 
Ashleigh Vergara -  In loving memory of Paul Scarrow £10.00
Lauren Gemma Vickery  ~ In loving memory of John Rayment who passed away on the 5th August 2014. We would like to thank everybody for their kind words and generous donations towards the charity £315.00

Andrew Vinton ~ Donation £30.00
Des Violaris ~ Well Done Alan £30.00
Cettina Vullo ~ In Memory of Mr Wing £10.00


Andrew Wade ~ Donation made for Kurt Bechtel £50.00
Les Wakelin ~ Donation £25.00
Sue & Chris Wales ~ Loads of love to Cathy and Keith on the occasion of their wedding and in recognition of Cathy's loving father, Mick Shutt. Sue & Chris Wales xxx £50.00
Joan Walkden ~ In memory of Andrew John Snee 1940 - 2014 £1,000.00
Kerry Walker - Sponsoring a day on 5 March 2015 and made a donation in memory of her grandad, Ray Walker who recently passed away at the age of 80 with asbestosis - in loving memory of all the family xx xx £50.00
Bess Walker ~ In Memory of  my Dad, Philip Raymond Walker, recently passed away from mesothelioma £50.00
Kate Walker ~ My sister and I did Race for Life to raise money for Mesothelioma UK. Please God a cure will be found for this awful disease which ruins lives. My mum is living with mesothelioma and it's such an awful, preventative disease. Kate x £175.00
Sharon Walker ~ In memory of my dad, Malin Horton who died 13th September 2003 from mesothelioma Sharon and David xx £25.00 
Wendy Walker ~ Donation in memory of John Nicholson of Barnsley who died of this terrible disease on 27th June 2017 £30.00  
Joseph David Walsh ~ In loving memory of Alan Leech from Dave & Teresa Walsh £50.00
Patrick Walsh ~ In Memory of Neil Fisher £100.00 
Elizabeth Walters ~ Donation £100.00 
Zoa Walters ~ Never forget.. £10.00
Rebecca Ward ~ In Memory of John Woffinden, a wonderful man, mentor and friend £500.00
Terry Ward ~ Donation £10.00
Anne Wardle ~ Donation £250.00
Katie Warne ~ In memory of my Uncle Kenny £20.00
Sarah Warne ~ Donation £10.00
Helen Watkins ~ Donation £119.50
Jean Watling ~ Donation is made in memory of Jimmy Walker who died recently.  It is from Albert and Jean Watling, Terry and Michelle Watling and family £20.00
Jacqueline Watson ~ Donation raised from a Holcot Village Hall Quiz Night with 100 people taking part.  The Charity was selected following the diagnosis of a close friend £601.46
John Wayment ~ Donation £25.00 
Sandra Webster ~ Friends and family of Clare Brockman held a Charity Quiz at the Parks Inn, Harpur HIll, in Buxton on Saturday 15th November. Clare is suffering from mesothelioma and we held the event to raise awareness and funds £487.32
Michael S Webber ~ in memory of John Cheviot £30.00
 Ashley Weller ~ Donation £5.00 
Colin Edward West ~ Donation in memory of John Mortimer £50.00
West London Crematorium ~ in memory of Michael John Sutton £50.00
Brooke Elizabeth Westerman ~ for Tom, who raised my awareness to this cause £10.00
Thomas Westlake ~ Donation £10.00 
Becky Western ~ for my beautiful Mother :) £5.00
Thomas Westlake ~ Doantion £10.00 
Beverley Whitcher ~ donation in lieu of sending Christmas cards.  It is made in memory of my lovely mum, Freda Wall who lost her battle with this hideous disease in August 2015 £40.00 
Alan Wheeler ~ In memory of Brian Austin and recently departed wife and sister, Maureen Austin £20.00
Peter White ~ Donation £1,000.00
Frances Whitehead-Lees,  In loving memory of my dear husband, Thomas Lees, who died of this appalling disease in June 2014, aged 59, in hope that you will be able to make things better for other sufferers and their families ~ Donation £250.00 
Laura Whiteman ~ Donation £57.50
Jonathan Wieland ~ Donation on behalf of A Unit West Midlands Police Firearms Operation Unit in Memory of Mr Unwin of Great Barr £50.00 
Rebecca Wilkins ~ In memory of his dear friend, Rob Bailey £20.00
David Williams ~ In memory of Brian Williams £50.00
David Williams ~ Donation £250.00
Michelle Williams ~ In Memory of Judy Parker who sadly lost her battle £25.00
Denise Willlis ~ Donated by friends and family on behalf of my loving husband, Kenneth Willis, who sadly lost his short battle with mesothelioma on the 1st July £180.00
Catherine Wilman ~ Donation £5.00
Jane Wilson ~ in memory of Raymond Harrold from a collection box inside Greedy Pig Butcher Shop.  Regards Jane & Latimer £100.00
Margaret & Doug Wilson ~ Donation £50.00
Terry Wilson ~ Donation £20.00 
Wendy Wilson-Goddard ~ Donation in memory of a brave and wonderful husband, dad and grandad (Michael Goddard)  who died of mesothelioma on September 6th 2015 after being diagnosed four months earlier.  We love you and miss you so much £200.00 
Lucy Wilton ~ Sponsor a day in loving memory of Clifford Fearnside £135.00
Isla Winarto ~ This donation is in memory of a wonderful friend, Jim Loveday of Grimsby, who passed away on 3rd August 2016 £100.00
Patricia Ann Winn (Australia) - In memory of my sister, Eileen, who was treated at the Glenfield Hospital, but sadly lost her battle with Mesothelioma on 4th March 2016  £10.00
Samantha Wong ~ Donation "Thank you to the new Mr & Mrs Howell for encouraging donations to the charity as their wedding gift £30.00
Edna Jean Wood ~ In loving memory of Michael Wood, Harrogate 16/02/56-14/07/14 - £700.00 
Rhian Woods ~ to Paul, Jill & Cameron. Sending you load and loads of love this Christmas my dear friends.  Rhian xxxx £20.00
Ann Woolfe ~ Donation made as a thank you to Sonja and Paul Watson £30.00 
Mrs S Worker ~ Donation £20.00
Cheryl Wright ~ Since losing my Dad to meso 18 months ago, I started to look at different ways to raise money.  So instead of buying Christmas cards, I have made this donation £20.00
Ian Wright ~ Donation in memory of Margaret Ann McSweeney (16 June 1948 - 12 February 2015) £30.00
Julie Wright - In Memory of my lovely Mum on Mother's Day £30.00
Victoria Wright ~ In memory of Stephen Johnson, a childhood friend, who amazed us with his bravery and strength of spirit. With love Victoria, Paul, Joe and Clara xx £15.00
Mrs Wyness ~ In Memory of Bobby £100.00 

Amy Louise Young ~ Donation £5.00
Dr Martin Young ~ In memory of Alan Young, who sadly died 22nd December 2014 £25.00

Joan Youngs ~ donation £100.00